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by Fady from Boilingbrook on
The mover partially disassembled my ping-pong table and did not have the tools to reassemble it. I was promised that someone else would come to do this but waited for several weeks now and no one contacted me. Alesia from Schaumburg was my main contact. I would appreciate a call and for them to come out and fix this. Once I get this, if you send me another survey, I will update my overall satisfaction rating. Fady Bebawy 312-399-0564.
by Christine from Rockville on
Thank you for the wonderful service. Your staff was extremely professional and caring. I definitely would use them again and also refer other friends .. Your staff was extremely courteous and helpful....THANK YOU AGAIN....Christine Macander
by Geary from Mobile on
The young men who moved us were extremely nice and pleasant.
by CJ from Huntsville on
The two gentlement that move us were very professional and hard workers. I have a lot of very heavy furniture and they did a wonderful and efficient job. Thank you so much. Best move ever!
by Jill from Brighton on
The movers were nice, courteous and worked at a fair rate of speed to move a piano. When moving a clavinova into our garage, one of the movers accidentally tripped on a step and broke one of the feet of this musical instrument. It took about 2 weeks for Two Men and a Truck to fix the clavinova. I was happy with the repair and thank you.
by Erin from St Louis on
The two young men that helped me move were so nice and efficient! Great job! Thank you!
by Dennis from Xenia on
Great experience!
Minor issues for training- a little more description on boxes for future identification would be helpful.
One of the guys was going to take our outside furniture (we were looking for a place to give it away or trash it) and it is still there.
Good group of hard working young men.
by Nada from Woodinville on
We have moved a lot and it was the worst experience yet
by Jen from Sugar Grove on
My furniture was damaged and I called to inquire about this. I received a call back and the man left a message. I returned the call as soon as I could but never heard back from them. I had a precious good experience with the company and this move was okay.. Except for that. I feel that the movers didn't really try to take care of my furniture and the follow up was not satisfactory.
by Melissa from Greensboro on
I used Two Men and a Truck to move my mother into a retirement home and the estimate was exactly right. This time the estimate was way off. I do not want the mover's to get into trouble because this was not their fault. I asked that someone come out to give me an estimate and the girl I spoke with told me that it was not necessary. The movers said that the list of items was correct, but the estimator did not take into consideration the size and difficulty of the pieces. When time started running short, the movers began to hurry and got careless. A leaf in my dining table was damaged and the highboy was picked up wrong, so the top piece came off spilling my jewelry and accessories all over the ground. This piece has been moved by two movers before - it must be picked up from the bottom, not the top. The movers told me that they were not going to put it back together because someone from Two Men would want to come out to look at it It has been almost 2 months and it is still sitting in 2 pieces on my bedroom floor - no one has called. The dining room table leaf was refinished and you did a good job, however, it probably would not have happened at all if the time estimate had been better. I missed an appointment that evening because the estimate was so bad and for all this anguish, I had to pay almost $400.00 more than the original estimate! As you can tell, I am no longer a happy customer and since I expressed my dismay and still had to pay extra, I will spread the news.
by David from Birmingham on
The office staff was great in scheduling my appointment. My only disappointment was the fact that one of my picture frames was damaged and it took your office 2 weeks to pick it up to fix. I am still waiting for a callback to advise it was fixed.
by Susan from Kennesaw on
I was very impressed by Michele. She certainly delivered as promised. I called her about an item that was missing, she located it and sent it to me. That's great service. Rick and his helper were awesome. It was a stressful move for me and they were very conscious of my belongings. I would suggest more care moving and packing lamps. But overall they were fabulous! Thanks to all who participated in making my move less stressful
by Betty from Gaffney on
Movers were great, but there were changes in quote.
by Julie from Austin on
Kevin Nunn and Jason Carmona were excellent packers and movers. However, the cost was over the top. We had used the company the year before and paid at least 300 less for the same amount of items. The only addition was garment boxes and a picnic table. Very disappointed in the cost, but very pleased with the movers.
by Stacy from Sahuarita on
Absolutely GREAT experience! Jeremy and Troy KNOW what they are doing, are extremely careful, move quickly but are incredibly patient as well. They ask questions if they are uncertain of anything and are incredibly polite at all times. (They were also very nice and fun to chat with.) They had no problem dropping items at two different houses either! BEST MONEY EVER SPENT!!!! Definitely recommend this company to ANYONE who needs to move! Also, they charge an extremely reasonable rate. Thanks guys for ALL your hard work and help!
by John from Tulsa on
This was an across town move. Dominique & Curtis were terrific! They were great to work with, quick, the estimated cost was spot on & there were no bumps of furniture or walls. And they knew exactly how to turn mom's recliner to fit it through the door and around the hall corner - definitely not their first rodeo. I would definitely use TwoMen again
by Mario from Round Rock on
Our personal possessions were handled carelessly and broken.
by Freteta from Conley on
Trey, Michael and one other young man were extremely efficient and I am very pleased with the move's experience. They were very professional, courteous and thoughtful. Thanks for being part of my relocation!
by Mike from San Diego on
We were very unhappy with the moving service we received. The movers slide the top of my china cabinet off the base and left large deep scratches. The local office sent out someone from the office to try to fix it two times, but that only made it worse. They finally sent a professional furniture repair person but he was not able to fix it correctly due to the damage that the office person did. The professional repair person said that it would have been an easy fix had the office person not tried to sand it down. My cabinet is forever ruined. The two workers dropped a piece of furniture (we heard it) and put a large gash in the floor but when we asked them about it they acted like it was no big deal. They destroyed the bottom of a large TV we had as they could not lift it up the steps correctly. Today as we were unwrapping a toy truck we noticed that they put a large gash in the top of the trunk. The truck driver was not well informed about the insurance and could not adequately explain to me the options even after he called the office. We have moved 5 times in the last 10 years and have never had such a terrible experience. I will actively ensure that no one I know ever uses you company.
by Marcia from Birmingham on
The main crew with Josh was great. The second crew that met me at my sons house I was not impressed with. The head guy or driver was rude and unpleasant upon arrival. At the end he did not listen to were I ask him to put boxes, he chose to put them all in the garage.
by Lisa from Las Vegas on
I am very unsatisfied with your services. I moved from a 1600 square foot house and your movers packed the truck poorly and had to go back for a second trip. This is further unsettling because I moved all 6 of my dining chairs, 4 barstools, 2 large round chairs and every bit of my personal items myself. Your movers did not move any boxes, pictures or personal items at all. Everything should have fit in the truck in one trip. Furthermore, the movers were careless. They spent A LOT of time wrapping my furniture, only to hit several walls, door frames and light fixtures in my new home. Damage was caused to the walls and door frames and while you sent someone out to repair, it was painted with the wrong finish and still has not been completed even though I have talked to someone in your office several times. Your movers also soiled my off white couch and chair while moving and even left an arm cover laying in the floor of the truck. The people you have on the phones doing the estimates and scheduling service are very nice and helpful, but your company did not deliver on what was said. I feel like I was overcharged because of your movers incompetence.
by Allon from Nashville on
Joe and Curtis is an awesome team.It seem like they have worked together for many years.
by Mark from Arlington on
I was having only one piece of furnitutre moved, so the question of boxes was not necessary.
by Susan from Elkins Park on
Larry , Malik (and George)were incredible! They are fast, efficient, cheerful and polite.
They made a difficult task easier.
by Angela from Milwaukee on
I was overall satisfied with the services provided. The movers were friendly and professional. I felt like they moved a bit slowly and after the move a couple friends who also used your company said the same thing. One of the movers packed some things from a larger box into smaller boxes to "lighten the load" which was totally fine, but he did not label the boxes.
Overall satisfied and will use company again.
Thank you.
by Melinda from San Antonio on
The men did the best they could under the circumstances; however, we didn't plan well enough for the amount of HHG that I had.
by Ryan from West Chester on
Our move was smooth and seamless, which was appreciated since moving day is hectic unto itself. The team of James Fulford, Georgianna Hawkins, Patrick Randolph, Humberto Camacho, and Desmond Garfield took great care of our property and functioned very well as a team. All great personalities, they actually made the day fun and comfortable. I have saved their names because if I ever move in the future, I would request them. Coming from someone who has spent the majority of my career as a Customer Service Mgr., their efforts and service should be applauded.

Ryan Lloyd
by Joanne from Hillside on
They did not blanket wrap most of my furniture. Most was only wrapped in plastic, which tore and chipped some of my furniture. My kitchen chairs were not wrapped at all. I've moved several times and my furniture was never less protected. I was also disappointed that I was quoted 5 hours, but I ended up moving all of my boxes and some of the furniture myself, and still ended up paying for 5 hours.
by Pete from Akron on
Jerry and Jessica have done a great job in arranging the moves I have asked them to do over the past five years. They are great representatives of your company. The movers have all been great as well. I could not be happier with the service everyone from the Akron, OH office Two Men And A Truck has provided to me over the years and I will continue to use them in any moves I have in the future.
by Sandy from Mesa on
They were great. Showed up at the door when we were told they would be there. Got started right away. Had everything in the truck and on their way in under the quoted time.
We had a couple of large pieces that would not go down our narrow hall way or into the rooms.
They tried several options yet being careful as to not damage furniture or walls. Much appreciated.
Were done and gone an hour under quoted time saving us money and did a great job setting everything up.
Would definitely use again and recommend.
Thank you Two Men and a Truck!
by Jesus from Gurnee on
After searching for the best moving company to help me move, I was excited to find that Two Men and a Truck were not only available, but the price was reasonable. The experience was excellent until the actual movers came. They complained when I asked them to pick up the last few boxes left in the house. One of the movers had the audacity to comment (under his breath) if I was to be charged in addition for the remaining boxes. He was not aware that I overheard the comment. I have to say I found his attitude to be rude and unprofessional. I hired Two Men and a Truck because I heard nothing but the best things about this business but when it came to the actual move I was very disappointed. Also some of my furniture had scratches and dents on it because the movers were not careful with my property at all. Not to mention their sweat dripped on my furniture. It was hot outside and I can understand a bit of sweat but if you're drenched in sweat the professional thing to do is wipe yourself off before beginning the next job. I was completely disappointed with their performance and unprofessional attitude.
by Jessica from Cedar Falls on
We used Two Men and a Truck after a very successful move from DM to Cedar Falls two years ago. We needed to move back from Cedar Falls to Pleasant Hill. This move had a few problems with wall damage and abrasions on a sectional which had been moved two years ago without incident. It has been almost two months since the move, but Two Men and a Truck sent someone to patch the wall damage and repaint and an upholsterer who repaired the microfiber sectional abrasions. The problems were completely taken care of and resolved. We certainly would use Two Men and a Truck again for a move.
by Ruth from Bethel Park on
Sorry I am late in sending this reply. My emails were up to 5000 since my internet was down. I have
Recommended your company to my son &daughter-in-law.
by Bennett from Des Moines on
I would grade the last move a C-. The guys took much longer than they should've. Stretched the time out significantly from the midway point of the job on.
by Grace from Geneva on
The crew who came, Brian and 4 others, were excellent! They worked hard, were very careful with our belongings, and overall did an outstanding job. We were very pleased with the move.

Apparently I had a miscommunication with the estimator. I told him that we would move almost everything but the furniture ourselves, and that I'd want the moving crew to pack and move my office AND whatever odds and ends were left that we had not been able to move ourselves. The movers came prepared to pack only my office, and did not have enough boxes/supplies to pack and move the leftover items. Since it was a local move and the new owners were not taking possession for a few days, this was not a huge problem but a minor annoyance.
by Daphne from St Louis on
All staff was great. Only issue was computer system did not accurately determine time and size of truck. Truck was not big enough and went way over time. I can not give you an excellent because of that and will be Leary if I use you again for a big move. It made for some unnecessary stress.
by Bonnie from on
I appreciated the flow of communication. The office staff promptly responded to my inquiry on their website. As moving day approached, they sent helpful moving tips and reminders, and on moving day, the movers called prior to showing up.

The move itself went really well also!
by Shaunna from Hilliard on
The movers were VERY POLITE and swift workers, I was very happy with them. The service I received was great, thank you.
by Kristi from Wake Forest on
I was told to expect the movers around noon and they did not get there until almost 4. I was very upset about that but they did a good job as far as I know. My stuff went to storage so I'm not sure what if anything is broken.
by Jim from Fort Collins on
Informed that they took a 1/2 hour lunch and it took them almost 3 hours to get to the new address when it is a hour and fifteen minute drive. They did not ask for directions so I assumed they would do the logical thing and check google/apple maps for appropriate directions instead of taking a much longer way.

For a moving company I'm pretty surprised that you would waste time by using manual tools to disassemble/assemble a bed frame instead of bringing a power drill with appropriate bits.

When connecting the washer and dryer they didn't connect the drain hose to the drain so I spent my first night ringing, washing, and drying all the towels I have in an effort to clean all the water that flooded my wash room. Then spent the next few days with a fan constantly running to dry the carpet and area under the machines so the floor doesn't warp.

I really felt that time was wasted which means my money was wasted. I tipped them but I had real reservations about it. I won't be using again.
by Doreen from Fairfield on
I was very happy when I scheduled and was given a price. I had a king size bed, dresser and one recliner moved which I was quoted approx. $250. to $350.00. The total bill was over $460. It was a hot day and the two men you sent me were on their second move of the day. The men were hot and tired and took breaks every 20 to 30 minutes. I went to buy the men bottled water taking me 20 mins which nothing was done while I was gone. I believe your company took advantage of me and I was ripped off. There was a piece of my head board which was tall and I was told it would not fit up the stairs since they were to tired to move it up the stairs. I had to pay someone else the next day ($25.00 each) to move the piece upstairs as there was plenty of room. I gave them a tape measure since they did not have one and they kept it. I will tell anyone that may be moving not to use your company as I am unhappy with your service.
by Peter from Westerville on
All 3 of the guys were excellent, very professional. they should ALL get bunches of truck bucks!
by Anne from St Louis on
Theresa was very professional, courteous and prompt. The issue I have with the company is that she estimated the move would take 5 1/2 hours which, given that the movers were only moving furniture and not a significant number of boxes (we had already moved items from all closets and cabinets and there were only four boxes and three suitcases remaining to be moved. Also, we took the TV and printer in the car ourselves.), should have been much more accurate. However, it took a full 8 hours for the move, even with my husband and me helping for the last hour and a half. Justin and Terrell were very courteous and polite but clearly were not trained how to properly run a move. The move-out took 4 hours which, given the freight elevator situation at our old building, was relatively reasonable. The move-in also took 4 hours, which was MUCH longer than it should have. The move started late due to an issue at our old building. Not their fault. However, we were running behind and got to the new building late, which meant we did not have the freight elevator for the full four hours that I had reserved. Justin and Terrel knew this but still did not make proper use of the freight. They did not stage the move well. They should have off-loaded everything from the truck first, then filled the freight as much as they could on each trip to take things upstairs and then offload on our new floor. Once everything was offloaded to the new floor, that's when they should have moved things into apartment. They were even told this by our building manager and I also asked them to pick up the pace. Because they didn't do this, we lost the freight and my husband and I had to then pitch in and help them by taking the remaining stuff up in the smaller elevators. Even still, it took them FOUR HOURS too unload -- WAY TOO LONG. I know it was way too long because the two guys who moved us into the old apartment unloaded everything we own -- books, dishes, clothes, computers, office supplies, cookware, kitchen appliances -- in under four hours - and that was with the bad freight situation. I've moved many times and, if it is managed correctly, it should never take as long to unload as it does to load. The guys were working hard but not working smart and that means they were not properly trained. I don't know if it is the company policy to slow-walk moves or if you just don't train your people properly but, either way, I would not recommend you to anyone I know. Sincerely, Anne Daniels
by Jonathan from Newark on
When moving some furniture the guys damaged a lami ant floor. I didn't see it until after they had left. The repair was costly and very time consuming. We cLled buf no one returned our call. We will not use you again and will not recommend you. If you would like to make this right, please call me at 302 690 7094. Thank you
by Matthew from New Port Richey on
The three gentlemen were excellent. Very fast and friendly. I was refereed to use these three because they had previously moved a family member. My only complaint was the transportation cost. I know that I used a group from a neighboring county, but $118 to travel less than 20 miles? If I would've used the local two men would they have charged the same?
Otherwise, excellent service from my three guys.
by Mary Jane from Glenview on
These two young men were excellent. Should you have questions call me
by Lisa from Jenks on
They did great overall but had to ask me for tools to take my furniture apart. They should come prepared with their own tools. The African American worker was overly friendly and talked too much making me feel a little uncomfortable.
by Jodi from Wrightstown on
More specific items per room listed on check sheet
by Patricia from Plant City on
You have now moved me 4 times. I have no complaints
Staff was prompt. Polite. And quick. They were awesome even about my dog
by Sylvia from Fairborn on
Great service and I have you on speed dial. All of your employees are courteous, clean, and careful with the furniture and boxes.
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