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by Faye from Gahanna on
You probably will not receive this email. I did not respond in June 2013 b ecause the service did not meet my needs for timelyness, updates about the status for the day, and the value of my time and money. The young man Corey was kind and helpful. However, the truck arrived six hours late. My friends and family were waiting around to support me but the day wore on. If the truck had been on time I would not have been moved at night. I have not recommended you to any of my friends because I felt robbed to pay for the lack of professionalism and respect given to me.
by Mohammed from Orlando on
by Mark in Livoia MI from Livonia on
Brett Reddy and his partner Joe (sorry I can't recall his last name) moved my house to a storage locker on 8/08/2014.
The were Terrific. They took great care and nothing was damaged. Did a very good job organizing my storage unit according to my particular needs.
Very friendly and polite too! I have nothing but good things to say about not only those two but the office staff also.
by Kenneth from Springfield on
This was a good experience thank you.
by Brian from Columbia on
Great service. Mover were very nice and professional!!!
by Kevin from Pittsburgh on
The guys were fast and courteous. I underestimated my truck needs but they worked with me to get the important stuff done. They were mindful about taking care with my belongings. They even got my washer and dryer out of a real tight spot. I mean,

They moved fast. I need to work out more. There's no way I could have moved that stuff at the rate they did.

2 Men and a Truck are my workout motivation.
by Mark from Boise on
Josh M., Josh C. and Skyler T. did great job and did move in fast pace! They were very professional. We were very happy with the whole service. We will recommend your company. Thank you!
by Jenna from Minneapolis on
The two men that moved me to my condo in downtown Mpls did a fabulous job! They were polite, on time, fast and efficient! Definitely 5 STARS ! ! Recommend them to everyone.
by Elaine from Dayton on
Hecter and Brian Flucas, our movers, were excellent in every way! We were very pleased with our move. The office staff that we spoke with by phone were excellent too.
by Donna from Brighton on
They broke a glass door on a very unique piece of furniture. We were patient with the process to get it repaired. We are getting the run around as to when or if the door is even being repaired. If the vendor you chose is not getting it done, get the piece back and send it some where else. This company's inability to jump on this problem and make sure it gets resolved is pathetic!!!!
by Sherry from Augusta on
I have used Two Men and a Truck three times since June. Every move was efficient and everyone very helpful. Thanks to Bruce for repairing a leg on my grandmother's wardrobe. Was not anyone's fault-- just old. But he checked it out just to make sure they didn't do it. Very professional!!!
by Jan from Chattanooga on
Even when only moving a couple of miles across town, everything still must be packed and moved. Nate and John were our movers and they were great! They arrived on time, carefully wrapped each piece of furniture and secured everything within their truck. They were equally professionally when we arrived at our new location. I would definitely recommend using Two Men and Truck to anyone.
by Craig from Lake Lotawana on
Had some damage to the premises and filled out a damage report and never heard from your company again! We also found some damage to our furniture after setting up the house. There weren't three movers , two of which we're good and worked there butts off the third just sat in the truck which was fine due to everything he touchd he damaged, did not have any respect for anything.
by tracye from pensacola on
Broke Mothers Dresser and left it whop sided with my disabled mom in her assisted living facility where it could have fallen over in her! Then only offered to give me 10 dollars for damages. Believe me I work in public and have let anyone that ask me about miving companies who NOT to use.
by Andrew from East Peoria on
by ahmad from katy on
by Jennifer from Suffolk on
Price was too high for volume of stuff and distance
by Norma from Goldsboro on
My 2 movers were the best and much better than Simply Moving Labor. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They were top shelf. Would use them again.
by Carol from Jacksoniville on
The service was excellent once again. The movers arrived at the designated time, were friendly and removed the stress normally associated with moving - WHAT A BONUS! Thank you very much for being outstanding!
by Sara from Columbia on
I was very pleased with my first move so I hired Two Men and a Truck again. While I was overall satisfied with my move, I was disappointed that one of my fabric chairs was covered with black hand prints and a bookcase was very dinged up on the edges. Thankfully, both of these items were inexpensive and my expensive furniture was well-protected with the cloths. I also found that the employees did not understand furniture placement well and I had to rearrange most of my furniture later. For instance, a dresser was arranged with the drawers facing the wall. While I was happy that the furniture was moved in a short amount of time, I hired the movers because I cannot move the furniture myself, so having it arranged correctly would have helped me more.
by Lisa from Melvindale on
Our movers went above and beyond to assist us in our entire relocation from Michigan to Florida. Their kind and polite attitudes made us feel confident for the safety of our personal belongings. Their communication and work-ethic were top notch the entire time and if we are lucky enough to return to Michigan, I will be requesting both of them personally.
Thank you very much!!!
by Racine from Clementon on
looking to move to boston. Looking for prices
by Michele from Champaign on
On Saturday, August 2 I had the pleasure of having the following gentlemen move me:

Mr. Andre King
Mr. Stephen Belhomme
Mr. Zac Barnes

I cannot say enough about the work the gentlemen did. They were polite, on time, courteous and patient throughout the day. My nerves were frayed, but not theirs. I repeatedly asked them to please take a break and drink liquids because it was hot. They never really took a break. They continued to work. This concerned me because everyone doing such heavy work needs to take breaks and drink lots of liquid.

They were across the board glowing "5's" in every area. In the afternoon Josh came out to make sure everything was going well. His visit was much appreciated. Another sign of Two Men and a Truck's commitment to quality. Your organization is well represented by the outstanding, hardworking crew. Please extend my thanks once again to all three gentlemen. I couldn't have done it without them. Please feel free to use my testimonial as a recommendation for your organization. I hope I don't have to move again for some time. But if I do I know who I'll call. Thank you for taking such great care of my things and relieving me of worry.

Michele J. Perry
by Margaret from Burnsville on
Sam S. and Yones G. moved my mother's belongings to an assisted living site. They arrived on time, worked respectively and cooperatively with one another, and calmed my frayed nerves at the same time. At one point Sam said to me while I was fretting about the mattress fitting through the door way, "Try to relax. We have this under control." I would hire Two Men and a Truck in a minute if we ever have a need to move something again. I was very impressed how both men spoke to me and seem to realize how hard it was to move my mother from her independent living to an assisted living.
by Clifton from Austin on
The two guys that moved my things, did an Outstanding job! They took care of my things, to the best of their ability! I had 6 Electric Bass Guitars and they handled them all with extreme Care! I really appreciate that. When I move out of the storage unit, I want the same two guys Josh and Stewart to move my things!!!
by LaShanda and Loretta from Fisher on
Zach Willis, Jake Fischer and Chris Bradner were awesome with the service they had provided. They were efficient with how organize they were and how they finished in a timely manner. Would use Two Men and a Truck again.
by Jerry from Katy on
Thank you Freddie, Ray, and Marcus! My Three Muskateers! My move could not have been more perfect. These three gentlemen were courteous, efficient, professional, and flawless in their work. I would highly recommend them to everyone!
by Andrew from Lansdale on
The truck that was brought was not big enough to move me. Things were left behind. MANY things were broken. High priced items were lost or stolen. Customer service was impossible to reach taking over a month to return my phone calls. This was one of the worst experiences. In addition, one of the movers took food without asking and spilled said food items on the carpet. Once I did get a hold of a customer service rep, I was told that I was out of luck unless I filed a police report. The only good thing to come out of this move was the furniture repair guy did a good job fixing the damage Two men and a truck caused to my items. I would never recommend this company to anyone.
by Jason from Springboro on
Crew was prompt, efficient, and professional.
by Donald from Conyers on
The foreman was excellent and managed the crew effectively.
by Jason from Springboro on
Crew was prompt, efficient, and professional.
by Emily from Peoria on
I apologize for the delay in response to the survey.
Our move went VERY smoothly. Eric and Nick (I think that was their's been almost a month) were wonderful. They arrived on time. They performed their work quickly and efficiently. They were very careful with all of our belongings. They wrapped our furniture carefully to prevent any damage. They were very patient as we tried to maneuver moving our a heavy and large treadmill. We felt very comfortable leaving our belongings with them in the truck while we headed down to TN that afternoon. The next day, they arrived on time in TN and unloaded everything very carefully but quickly and efficiently again. We had trouble again with our treadmill as it wouldn't fit through the guest room door as we had planned to put it in the guest room. They tried multiple maneuvers without success. They gave us the idea of trying to take it apart into a few pieces to move it inside more easily. My husband and I eventually broke down the treadmill into a few parts, and they helped us stow it under the guest bed out of sight, which worked better for us anyway! I greatly appreciated their patience, their hard work, their kindness, and their work ethic during our move. We couldn't have asked for a better moving team. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends.

After our move, we accidentally misplaced our receipt, and my new job here offered to reimburse us for a portion of the move cost, but only if I presented original receipts. Your company very kindly and quickly sent us new receipts which were accepted by my new job.

Thank you to everyone for going above and beyond!
by Kim from Grand Rapids on
Doug Lathrop & Adam Austin were our movers and they were GREAT!!! They were so polite and kind. They kept telling me I did a good job preparing/organizing for them (I think they were just being nice though because my house looked a DISASTER on moving day). They had to make a second trip back to my old house and they never even once made me feel like it was a nuisance. We joked that it was like they were instructed to run whenever they didn't have an item in their hands. Well worth EVERY PENNY!!!! I still feel bad that I took all the bottled water to the new house before they were done at the old house - oops. Poor guys asked if my drink offer was still available and I didn't have any at the old house anymore! I would recommend their services to ANYONE!!!!!
by Kali from Buena Vista on
The guys were great!! The worked to load our belongings into the truck promptly. Everything arrived safely! I would definately use Two Men and a Truck again!!
by Karl from Westport on
Overall it was a great experience for me. The only issue I had was with the person in the office Jason. It was thought that a dolly from my nephew was loaded onto the truck by mistake when the move was finished. At first Jason was helpful, but he would never return my call and then it appeared he was screening my call because no one was answering the phone and still no call backs after two left messages. Finally had my sister call since I thought Jason wouldn't recognize her number, and she was told that the drivers looked and the dolly was not there. Not sure why he couldn't have told me that. Because of Jason I will not recommend that location. However the drivers were great.
by Cherry from Asheville on
On June 27th , Garrett and Omar of Two Men and a Truck moved me across town. They were superb in their professional manner and care in handling my belongings. They were friendly and courteous and even made me laugh--quite an accomplishment during the stressful time of moving. They were safety-conscious with themselves, me and my belongings. I highly recommend Two Men and a Truck because of these two tall and strong men. They are great individually and as a team. I give them a 5+ rating! Garrett and Omar, I apologize for taking so long to write this. Moving and working has kept me busy. My delay in no way diminishes the appreciation I have for you two. You helped me in a trying time. I've told all my friends how wonderful you are! Keep up the good work!! Cherry Odom, aka Cherry Hart
by Richard from Sheboygan on
One of our movers, Tony, was exceptionally helpful, courteous, and professional. My last experience with Two Men and a Truck was so-so, as though both young men were relatively inexperienced and took twice as long as I thought it should have for a one-bedroom apartment at the time. This time we had a more extensive move, and Gary and Tony moved everything with care and efficiency, packed things quickly and securely. I'll definitely use your service again.
by JJ from Local move / Angus on
These movers were great! They were polite, easy going, worked fast, did not smoke or take breaks and they were careful with all the furniture......I would use this company for sure......Very happy with this service!
by Ezra from Jacksonville on
I can't remember the names of the movers, but they where 100% professional in handling my items. Also worked with great speed and got everything done in a timely fashion.
by Don from Sacramento on
This was a great experience. The reason for the 'Good' up top is because after the move was complete I noticed that none of the cabinets in the kitchen island were packed. Everything else was packed properly and professionally.
by Wade from Dallas on
The move with your guys went very well. It was not until after the move that I had trouble. My credit card was charged twice for the service. It was only charged once, but there was a hold for the entire price put on my card twice. The second charge was dropped after 24 hours, but in that time period it made my account over-drafted. That was a real hassle and something I should not have to deal with. Duane Robertson knows about this problem and he has not apologized or anything. I have not been reimbursed for the $12.50 overdraft charge. Why this happened is a mystery to me, and it leaves a negative experience with me.
by Jeremy from Greendale on
I just noticed our file cabinet is all dented in the from moving. I was not aware of this until now. Can we claim this? Also after asking twice prior to move date the movers came without bed bags. They also took a lot longer to move our belongings than anticipated. Just trying to get the couch in the house took one whole hour! What a time waster. Also our movers were not aware that we were moving from a 2nd floor unit to a 2nd floor unit. The one mover was upset they gave our move to him instead of a younger guy in better shape. I'm assuming the move would have been faster if they did too. Overall the guys were super nice and other than the file cabinet, we felt like most of the issues stemmed from the office.
by Hannah from Raleigh on
Did not have a good experience working with Patrick Worthy. I had a damaged headboard during the move and working with Patrick to get it fixed was frustrating. It was not mentioned that the weight of the bed was based on a standard list. I thought the weight was based on my actual piece of furniture after speaking with Patrick. Also, we spoke in regards to the time to deliver the headboard and he couldn't remember what we decided on the day of delivery. This is extremely unprofessional.
by Ryan from Tempe on
The movers were fantastic. They did an outstanding job and were very courteous and professional. They really knew what they were doing, and they were very efficient and quick with their work without being reckless. I will use TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in the future and I highly recommend them to everyone I know.
by sonja from Little River on
the worst service I have ever had. Was lied to and service was incompient and incomplete. Carelessly handled furniture broke pieces and containers. Would never use them again. BAD service and attitude.
by Tammy from Summerfield on
You guys know the over priced and horrible service that I received from your team leader. It cost me a $1000 to move 10×10 storage unit of furniture and swap out a bed in new place. The helper, black guy was awesome.. All we did was wait on the slacker white guy who spent whole time calling his grand pa and other people complaining the whole time. The helper got all the items removed from 5678 while the guy in charge sat on the truck complaining to who knows who. All caught on tape. I 2 as way over charged and that is why you called me. I was just afraid since the looser white guy knew where I lived. It will be m u goal to warn everyone about your company and I walk down and take your flyers everything I see them!!!!
by Linda from Kissimmee on
This company did a great job! I would highly recommend them to anyone.
They were fast and efficient. Very polite and helpful.

Thanks for all your hard work,
by mark from woonsocket on
by Dorothy from Baton Rouge on
My recent experience with Two Men and a Truck was fantastic. Henry and Justin moved us from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Joplin, Missouri. They were friendly, professional, and very careful with our belongings. Despite the blistering heat and humidity in Baton Rouge, Henry never lost his smile or encouraging words. They helped make a potentially difficult move remarkable easy. I would recommend this company to any of my friends, family, or realtors. Thank you Henry!! It was a pleasure getting to know you!!

Dorothy Hayden
by Lanita from Houston on
I found out that the movers left two items at the previous location. One was a wooden TV tray that matches a set and the other was a picture. I had definitely told the movers that both items were to be taken to my house.

In addition, the dresser has a glass top. They didn't put the glass top back on and put the mirror back on the dresser with no room to slide the glass in. I've had to put the glass in a closet since I haven't had the time or help to unscrew the back and put the glass back on.
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