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by Denise from Austin on
One of the movers needed to leave during our move and a replacement was brought in. I wasn't informed what was happening so I had to ask, which ended up being OK, I just wish they would have filled me in from the beginning. The movers could have taken more care with a couple of our items (not putting the copier on a dolly and dragging it instead), and ended up slightly scratching/indenting our new floors in a couple places. When it was pointed out to them, they were happy to make clear note of it though. When it came time to pay, they reduced our total a little which was nice.
by Wade from Lexington on
The movers that were sent to my house were very slow. Since you charge by the hour, I can only guess their pace was in direct relation to charging me the maximum amount they could within the day I had them. One mover "fell out" the job, so production moved even slower until he could be replaced. I believe I could have done the same work in half the time. I was not pleased with the overall work they did.
by Donna from King of Prussia on
It was a good experience. The movers were very considerate and helpful.
by Adrienne from Grosse Pointe Woods on
Mandio and Logan L provided excellent service and care during my move process. They were very efficient and professional throughout the entire process. They were extremely pleasant and provided great customer service.
They were a great help in making my move process less stressful.
by Danielle from Fishers on
The movers were exceptional, particularly VanDyke. He was always hustling/running back to the truck. They also finished earlier than the estimate so I ended up getting to save some money. Best decision to go with movers (based on this experience) as opposed to moving myself.
by Jeremy from Plainfield on
The tagline of 'Movers who Care' spoke to your values, which was also a key factor of our decision.

Generally speaking, we were very happy with the move and our movers - they were professional, courteous, and efficient. We had a challenging move (from a timing perspective) and they were very accommodating of the process.

We did experience some damage during the move do to the truck having a leak in it and rain ruining a box spring of ours. I actually held off on responding to the survey until I saw how that was handled. I'd say that the least-enjoyable part of this process was working through the claim process for that box-spring, primarily due to the timing aspect of it. From my perspective, there were a couple of issues along the way that contributed to this:
-The paperwork filled out and submitted to our movers was unknown/unfindable by the individual I spoke with regarding the claim
-The claim process, while efficient with DocuSign, lacked transparency after I submitted paperwork (basically, after submitting paperwork, it was 6-8 weeks until we heard something, and we 'heard' something by way of a check being sent to us.

Don't misunderstand my feedback, overall we're satisfied with the service we received, and I'm merely pointing out areas for improvement in your processes. Overall, your team took what was a stressful day (moving out of our house, closing on the old house, closing on the new hours, moving into our new home) and gave us one less thing to worry about. Thanks for your help, and I hope this feedback helps your team continue to grow and lead in your industry.
by Shelley from Morton on
Shelley & Tyler Davis Move - 6/24/14
While the movers the day of did a fine job the overall interaction with Peoria Two Men & A Truck would lead me to not use your services again. Gretchen was professional, courteous and easy to work with in scheduling and re-scheduling our move date.

The actual move day was a complete debacle. This situation was not caused by the actual employees doing the move, they were professional and courteous even through all the issues.

Issues were:
- Paperwork was not updated in your internal systems which caused the truck to go to a wrong unload address
-The ramp being too short and not fitting on the truck after loading.
-A new ramp being dropped off at the wrong address for the unload. The office solution was to suggest an unload at the correct address until the truck was empty enough to accommodate the ramp. Then go to the wrong address where the ramp was located and pick up the ramp. Return to correct unloading location and unload the rest of the truck.
- The complete and utter disrespect from Brittany when I called to speak to a manager about the ramp issues (she did call and apologize - thank you). Manager did not want to address the issues of why we, your customer, was upset but instead seemed to ignore it. Manager did send out a truck with a ramp to correct unloading location.
-Payment was charged to a wrong credit card number which put the card over the limit and caused issues that took many calls to our credit card company to clear up as well as delaying the process of us renting a rental car for our vacation

Based on these issues, I would not use your company again.
by Maureen from Aurora on
My initial conversation with the woman in the office made me realize your wonderful customer service. She was polite, articulate, patient, and knowledgeable. My two movers, Amos (I didn't catch his last name) and Juan Brown, were punctual, kind, efficient, and respectful. Both of these lovely gentlemen made my moving day beyond easy and I have already recommended your company and especially Amos and Juan to friends and co-workers. Thank you!!!
by anthony from Warrington on
The movers were exceptional!!! If I need to move furniture in the future or have a friend who needs to move, I will absolutely recommend Two Men and a Truck. And I would love to get the three movers I had on my move. They were extremely hard working, kind, informative, and a pleasure to deal with!!!
by Verna from Buchanan on
The driver Kevin and his assistant were great. They knew how to load the truck and unload the items. I would definately refer Two Men and a Truck to anyone who would ask.

Sorry I did not complete the survey earlier but I had problems with my internet

I wish you continued success
by Katherine from San Diego on
We loved our movers. They were fast, organized, efficient and strong. They did not waste time or money ~ they busted their butts to get it done. They were professional and courteous, and very knowledgeable. Our items arrived without issue. We would so want the same mover guys to do our next move. They were awesome!
by Cheryl from Bloomfield Hills on
Very positive experience...again !! You 're the best....
and the workers are always perfect !! Thanks !
by Georgiann from St. Augustine on
I have moved 7 times in the past four years and Two Men has always been there for me. Not once have I had anything damaged and everything has been handled and set-up with care. The movers have always been on time and always hustle to get the job done in a timely manner. Obviously, people in other cities have had issues, but if you live in the northeast Florida are, you should definitely call Two Men and a Truck! They have made my life easier on many occasions! I even get a frequent-flyer discount now!
by Linda from 11285 E Alameda Ave, Apt 18 on
On May 13, I spoke to Josh Shaver about using Two Men and a Trucks services and booked with them using my credit card. A couple of weeks later I called Josh to let him know that I was not sure when my apartment will be ready because they were reinvading all of the units. Therefore I told him to cancel the services I requested on May 13th. I asked him if I would be charged for anything and he said no because I cancelled. I told him I may be moving approximately 07/15/2014; however I was not sure. Josh told me that he will keep that date open; but he will not be charging me until I called and confirmed it. I finally got a confirmation from my apartments that I will be moving to the 2nd floor and not to another building; therefore I did not need Two Men and Trucks services. I knew from the conversation that I had with Josh, he was waiting for me to confirm and then he would lock in the date. I did not confirm for services with Josh therefore I knew I was not lock into date with Two Men and Truck. I did not know why he emailed me an invoice for it because I did not call to confirm per our conversation; however I thought nothing of it because nothing was locked in.

On the morning of July 14th, I got a call from Valerie at Two Men and Truck, she asked me to confirm the date of the move of July 15th, I told her no I never confirmed that date and I will not need their services. I asked her will she be taking money from my account because I never confirmed; and she said no.

A few hours later I notice $220.00 was pulled from my account and I called Valerie back and she told me they had my credit card and therefore I confirmed the 2nd time. I tried to explain to her about the conversation I had with Mr. Shaver, but she did not believe me. Valerie said she would need the person’s name I spoke to and some kind of proof I cancelled. I told her I did not get a cancellation number from that person and at the time I was out and about and I could not recall Josh’s name to give her. So I told her I will call back when I got home and asked her if that was okay; however she hung up on me.

I spoke to my Bank and they said it did not sound like I confirmed a date with Two Men and Truck and it didn't sound like a proper transaction; so my bank reported it to their fraudulent department. I called Valerie back to let her know Josh Shavers name; was transferred to her phone. She did not pick up so I left her a voice mail; I have not heard back from her.

I spoke to Josh Shaver today July 16th and he claims that since I used my credit card the 1st time I called on May 13th, he felt that was confirmation enough for the 2nd date I told him I MAY move on. I told him that was not the verbal agreement we made on the phone on May 27th. Nothing was signed and again, I never called him back to confirm a date. He said if he sent me an invoice; that means I confirmed. I never called to confirm with Josh or anyone else at Two Men and Truck.

I did not lock in a date with Josh Shaver at Two Men and Truck therefore I do not think I should be charged for this transaction. Just because a customer leaves his or her credit card, a business should not be able to use it at their convenience.

I would like Two Men and Truck to refund my money of $220.00 by check because I closed that credit card because of the theft. Please let me know what you can do to help me with this horrible and poor customer service.

by Mike from Snellville on
My only problem was when we returned that weekend to our home, it had been burglarized. The only people present that day were me, my wife, and the 3 movers. We had left behind our big screen TV (a special wedding gift) and a computer. Only the 5 of us knew what was left there. Seemed quite a strange coincidence. It is possible that someone in the neighborhood was watching us leave and wanted to break in and see if we had left anything. It is also possible that someone just broke in at random and got lucky. Just seems odd. I have no proof...and it probably was a random act. It just left a bad taste our mouth about your company. I tried to report this to the customer rep, Nicole, but she never returned my call. I just ask that you make a mental note of this, and should a similar situation arise in the future, it may be a piece of a pattern that may have some significance.
by Adrienne from Raleigh on
The team of movers I had were civil - barely. I watched them hit my furniture on the stair-rails a couple of times, and they dropped one dresser (and broke it), and it wasn't wrapped. I also had some broken dishes, one of the boxes was either tossed or dropped, the dishes were well wrapped - but one box-full of dishes was broken.

I've been moved by Two Men & a Truck years ago, perhaps I just got a poor team or they were having a bad day. This move was not worth the price, and I still have a dresser which is being evaluated for repair/replacement.
by mariane from Knoxville on
I could not have been happier with the two guys who moved me! They were very careful, courteous and quick!
Thank you!
by Robyn from Clermont on
The 3 young men did a great job.
Thank you.
by Brenda from Orlando on
The move went smooth. Will consider using again if we change apartment complexes in Tampa.
by Patricia from Oviedo on
The pick up time during confirmation call was incorrect. My friend said the guys came earlier then scheduled pick up time.
by Janet from on
I must have misunderstood wardrobe box explanation from office staff. Thought they said 2 wardrobe boxes included in move and we could buy add'l but instead used 5 and charged for 5?
by Joyce from Minneapolis on
The Guys were fabulous. I would suggest having more clothes boxes on the trucks.

They put in a long day and were very accommodating.
thank you
by Dallas from El Dorado on
We were very pleased with the services - the young men were excellent in attitude, helpfulness, and work ethic.
by FRANK from Bradenton on
by Bonnie from Peyton on
two trucks, 4 young men ... efficient and team players. Each helped and never a grumpy attitude. thank you
by Kimberly from St Augustine on
The movers were very courteous, called ahead and arrived on time. The office staff was very nice as well. I would use the service again and refer friends to as well.
by Richard from Indianapolis on
Missing couple of items.
by Sarah from Waterloo on
The movers were fast, efficient and friendly. Was very happy with their services - will use again and recommend to friends!
by Georgine from Madison on
No major complaints. However, I had left the home prior to movers leaving. When I returned a few days later, I noticed they had taken down basement shelving and not replaced it. I don't know why they did this. I tried replacing them myself but since I'm a female "senior" I was not strong enough to do it. I feel badly for the new owners, who are probably wondering what the heck did they do that for? (as do I).
by Megan from Grayslake on
I have to say I was very impressed with Kevin, Shawn, and their third guy. Very professional and courteous. They were careful concerned and fun to work with. There was another group whom was late that seemed more concerned about getting stuff in the truck and getting done with the job. They left things I mentioned I wanted moved, so I had to move it the next day. No matter how impressive the first group was the second group spoiled it. They were in such a hurry that one of the boxes you guys have that is on a dolly was left to fall off the back of the truck in front of me without any apologies. The first group later apologized on their behalf. So it seems a little hit or miss, but remember people remember the bad things better than the good. Hopefully the second group was just having a bad day.
by Martha from New Haven on
Movers were very professional and friendly. They worked hard on a very hot day!
by Jerry from Eatonton on
Maybe mine was a bad experience which others do not have. Movers were late arriving (apprx 3 hours) and hurried to load truck which possibly led to damages to my property. They dropped the first load of boxes off the hand trucks in their haste to get started. Seems this move was doomed from the beginning. Damaged goods were supposed to be repaired within a certain time frame which was not met and I had to call to follow up on all repairs. The office staff never contacted me until I made the call. Very poor customer service.
by Janice from Carrboro on
Two Men and a Truck met my moving needs immediately, painlessly and most of all efficiently. The three gentlemen that moved my earthly possessions - Devante Mims, Decarlos Mims and last but certainly not least Keith Thompson were on-time professional, quick and careful. Thanks much!!! Continued success to you guys!
by Jo Ann from Cannon Township on
Great guys to work with on this move!!!
by Beatriz from Miami on
Great crew. Some damage to the furniture brings the overall rating down.
by Rob from Dallas on
I have used your service 5 or 6 times now. This is the first time anything has been damaged - that in itself I am not too concerned about. What I am very frustrated about is that I have not received any communication regarding the repair to the damaged property in over two weeks, despite having called 3 times to get a status. I am starting to get very concerned that you will not repair the damage - and this is to one of a $3000 pair of chairs. This has dramtically changed my opinion of your service and it is not very unlikely that I will use you again or recommend you to anyone.
by Sharon from Glendale on
The men who moved my husband to an assisted living facility tried to hook up his TV. In the process, they knocked out the cable reception to the rest of the house. A Cox repairman came out and fixed it and said it would cost $90.00 for the repairs. The owner of the home hasn't received the bill, but when she does, I will ask Two Men and a Truck to reimburse her.
by Michael from Delafield on
The guys did a fine job but my glass table top was broken and a large Thanksgiving platter. I was told it would be replaced and no one has contacted me.

Please call me so we can get this taken care of 262-490-8745.

by Joe from Ponca City on
Took good care of our furniture and everything. Well mannered also mrs anderson
by David from Omaha on
Our washer was damaged and needs repair but after talking to your claims person he informed me that we were responsible to secure our washer in a way that it would not be damaged. I told him I was not told that and he said we were sent an email but all our stuff was unhooked and we packed ourselves. No one even attempted to look at it or made an attempt to fix it. Don't you guys have insurance I can refer you to an agent if you would like! Just send me my 100 dollar tip back I gave the 2 young men that moved me!
by Melissa from Elkmont on
Chris and Luke from Huntsville completed my move. They were awesome! It was rainy during the time of my move, but you would never know it because they were so careful about putting down blankets (I guess they were blankets) so they did not track anything in either house! The initial walkthrough was completed and they told me how they would conduct the move out. At the new house, they unloaded everything exactly where I needed it. They were very professional in their attire, manners, attitude - basically their entire interactions with me and my family. I really appreciate that! Those two deserve a raise for setting such a wonderful example of professionalism, efficiency and courtesy for the company!
by Kim from Longwood on
Our team of 3 movers were outstanding. They were on time, very efficient, personable, helpful, and professional. They had us packed, moved, and unloaded in under four hours! We were all very impressed with the job they did. Thank you for your great service. Please be sure to pass this on to these young men. Regards, Kim Byerly, General Manager
by Bobby from Aurora on
The moving guys themselves were great, but I felt very rushed. ( even though there was space in the truck, we never got to move anything out of the garage. A few of my things were damaged, like the wood bunk beds got scratched up & a collect able I clearly had marked breakable was on the bottom of the dolly & was cracked. The time you go over, does that include the smoke breaks the guys take? After talking to friends & coworkers, 2 Guys & a Truck doesn't have the great word of mouth. You are very over priced & the guys aren't usually careful with your things.
by Stacy from Ripon on
The start of my interaction with this move was rocky but the communication got much better in the end. The moving crews were fantastic.
by Rusty from Marietta on
Estimator Michelle Davis should be fired or re-trained. She deceptively quoted me 8-10 hours for a move that took over 16 and was not completed. I had to hire someone else the next day to complete the move. The paperwork she gave me quoted 8-12 and the paperwork the crew had was 14.25-17 so clearly she knew. The workers did a great job and I feel bad for them as they did the best they could but my expectations were unrealistic due to Ms. Davis deception. For this reason I would not recommend this company to anyone although the work itself was very good.
by Tai from Lansing on
I truly appreciated their expertise and their hard work!

by Robin from Fayetteville on
I had a wonderful experience with your company. Everyone was very cordial and went out of their way to be helpful. I would definitely recommend you and use you again myself.
by Mary from Woodbury on
Was very happy with personal service of the actual movers.
by Larry from Fort Lauderdale on
My sofa is damage. And, YOU lost my fasteners when you got to my new location... That really made me mad at you.
by Mark from Santa Rosa Beach on
Great work and service from the entire team! Thank you for your help in the move and making it so easy. I will continue to refer people your way!

Best Regards,

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