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Overall, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has a 4.5 rating.
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by Karen from Chicago on
The two gentlemen were very polite and patient with my mom and all of the questions we had. Will definitely recommend your company.
by STEPHANIE from Avon Lake on
Very Professional - Did a great job!!
by Cynthia from Baton Rouge on
My movers were prompt, efficient , courteous and professional! Will definitely request them on my next move! Thanks and sorry for the delay in responding...I have had family health issues that have required all of my time!
by Kim from Sun Prairie on
I apologize for the delay on returning this to you. Overall everything was fine but we do need a claim form since we had some damage done to a table.
Kim Meier
2471 Leopold Way
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
by Betty from Atlanta on
Josh, Josh and Josh were fabulous! Very hard working, fast, careful, and nice.
by Arthur from Solon on
Ended up spending more than I anticipated, due to extended hours and traveling fee.
by Jane from Champaign on
Nice kids!
by Maureen from Ridley Park on
This is the second time I've used TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. I have always had amazing service. Your prices, availability and quickness are why I recommend you to everyone.
by Ron from Marion on
The three guys that moved me were very hard working, diligent, and took good care of packing up my home. I was very impressed with their professionalism and how the whole move went from packing to storage. I would like to re-hire them for my move in 4 weeks.

Thank you,
Ron O'Toole
by Cindy from Kansas City on
The office staff is very friendly. Special thanks to Theresa & Sally Toney. I liked the two movers Dean and Taylor because they are professional, prompt, and thorough. This is my second time to use two men & a truck (also received great service in another city) but my husband and I agreed your team was even better to provide EXCELLENT service. I will definitely remain loyal to your company.

Thank you
by James from Columbus on
The actual move was good; however, my bedroom furniture had large chunks of wood taken out of it and I have not received any further follow-up past the initial . . . "you'll be contacted" phone call. This is also impacted by a similar incident that happened when two men and a truck moved my mother into our house in March 2013. They knocked a light fixture off of our foyer ceiling when moving my mom's mattress in. We reported it and followed up but never heard anything again. It's one thing to have to replace a $150 light fixture but it is another thing to have to replace a large, expensive piece of furniture. I am VERY disappointed in the lack of care of the follow through . . . not by the actual movers but by the company!!
by Joy from Plainfield on
Great group of Men. Extremely careful and very nice. Took care of our belongings and followed through with our requests.
by Mimi from Atlanta on
Several dishes and glassware pieces arrived broken. The packing of the kitchen was poor. There are many scuff marks on the furniture which occurred in moving. Two file furniture pieces do not fit well since the move. The personnel from my representative to the moving men could not have been nicer nor more accommodating, but the above described circumstances should not have taken place.
by Mallik from Whitmore on
Great service! Although they damaged a little bit of our basement, they sent a person to repair it and he also did a great job in fixing the repairs. I defintely recommend Two Men and a Truck to my friends and family.
by Larisa from Orlando on
The Mike's and CJ made our move so easy and can't thank them enough for all their help and professionalism. - Larisa Mill 10754 spring brook ln orlando 32825.
by Stacy from Kingwood on
I picked two men and a truck cause the price was like 10 less a hour then another service I had used before but I found out that was a mistake because the other service was way more efficient and I would have saved money overall. The movers took 5 hours to move one bedroom suit and a china cabinet. They were the slowest ever. It took almost a complete hour for them to even get started which I was charged for. My whole family was very disappointed in how slow they worked just racking up time basically. I also asked them to load my truck with boxes and they barely put anything on there which left me to load up heavy boxes and doing what we were paying them to do. I would highly recommend all my friends against using this service because they are more about racking up time for money then working and getting things moved. I was shocked and irritated at how slow the movers worked and appalled that I ended up paying over $500 to have such a small amount of things moved. We didn't even tip them because they took so long to move anything plus they took a break at the store on the way to the new location, so they should have done that off the clock. Just like when they got there and stood around doing nothing for 45 minutes. They worked super slow, did not seem to be doing any kind of teamwork. My grandma moved faster then them and she passed away after the move! Just a shame! My entire family was very disappointed in this company!
by CJ from Ann Arbor on
My movers, Austin and Jason did a fantastic job. They were professional and did a careful job within a timely fashion. I was very pleased with my experience. Austin and Jason represented the company well.
by Ellen from Decatur on
Last week I wanted to move a two-piece cabinet that the movers had put at my daughter's house. The cabinet was very heavy, and we discovered that the movers had not put it back together when they unloaded it. The top piece fell off, scratched my daughter's wall, almost fell on us and was damaged, so that now I have to discard the top piece. The movers had taken it apart to move it, but did not put it back together when they placed it. This was very upsetting. We were lucky that we were not hurt.
The move itself was more expensive than I expected. I have done local moves with other movers, and this move was not efficient. The movers were courteous and worked hard. Still, I am not happy with the service.
by Kim from Okemos on
I didn't notice this until after I unpacked my boxes after my move, but it would've been helpful to have the boxes the movers packed marked more specifically. For instance, most were marked "KITCHEN" when just having another word or two with important things like "coffeemaker" or "silverware," so those items could be found easily (especially the essential/small items) could be found among the many boxes and confusion during the unpacking, disarray and stress of a move. Also, I'd requested wardrobe boxes for packing my closets, but then they weren't sent/were unavailable, so I was disappointed about that--made the packing of my closets take longer and my clothes more difficult to unpack as well as more wrinkled, etc. I was told my mattresses would be wrapped, but not only were they not wrapped, but then I watched as they were set/dragged on the dirty storage room walkway. I had to ask to have them not set there, so god knows what else they'd been subjected to that I'd not witnessed. I just felt they were gross after the move. Some of my bedding and throws were used to wrap items; for instance a mattress pad was used to wrap around and around multiple sharp cornered pictures. I didn't think that was such a great idea, since the frames could've easily cut the mattress pad. I found my coffee maker--which contains water--packed on its side. I wish someone would've checked with me about that, although I felt this would've been a no-brainer that it should've been packed upright. Ditto for Clorox wipes, which are also wet--those were packed on their side and and all the fluid leaked out. I guess the bottom line is overall, the movers do a great job, and I was grateful to have help with the packing. I would just suggest that using more common sense would be helpful and when in doubt, ask.
by Cindy from McKinney on
Our move was July 2013. We still have several items in our storage unit. To date every item moved by Two Men and a Truck has had some kind of damage. The movers seem to think that if you wrap it up it is protected it so shove it push it make it fit in a spot in the truck.. Not so!! Asked for mattress bags, they didn't bring.. It rained the day we moved!! Yep, our mattress was wet! And the other that went into storage was wrapped with cling wrap!! Let's talk about your damage services.. it took over 6 months to handle the repairs to some of our pieces. As we continue to unwrap our furniture we find more and more damage. Now, let's talk about the movers themselves, one talked a lot, one could hardly move and the other just gave orders. Moving on to your office staff once the move was complete and we had damages. We made several calls before anyone returned our call. Then the computer system was changed and files were lost. This took over 6 weeks.. We could go on at this point your not worth our time. Refer you to someone.. no way!!! Moves are emotional.. damage to items you have collected and loved just increase the stress.
by Mark from Creve Coeur on
We sustained some slight wall damage of the home we were moving into however we were very satisfied overall. The workers worked nonstop for the entire move. The move time was accurate. Some boxes were put in the wrong room but it was not a major issue. Workers went about and beyond on some things. Overall we were very satisfied. Shaun Bollinger in the office was extremely helpful and explained everything. He was my first contact with your company and he was the deciding factor in using your company.
by Geary from Mobile on
The young men who moved us were extremely nice and pleasant.
by Christine from Rockville on
Thank you for the wonderful service. Your staff was extremely professional and caring. I definitely would use them again and also refer other friends .. Your staff was extremely courteous and helpful....THANK YOU AGAIN....Christine Macander
by Katie from Homecroft on
The 3 gentlemen moving our items had awesome attitudes and were very pleasant to work with, but we had belongings damaged during the move. After we got our formal dining room table re-assembled, we noticed that all 3 of the pieces of the table top were scratched and cracked. The dining room table was just purchased in December 2013 so it didn't have any prior damage to it. The finish is now worn on two corners and the leaf in the middle is worn and cracked on the corner. I would recommend your company again but only with the forewarning to keep a better eye to prevent the damages that take place during the move.
by Robin from Miami on
The "Two Men" Marco and Gustavo were professional and courteous and worked hard. My 100-year old upright very heavy piano proved almost too much for them as my husband had to help with it. You might want to invest in some more appropriate equipment for jobs like this, i.e. a bigger board with wheels and a ramp to roll it up and down the thresholds of the front doors. Also, it was so hot in the truck the piano sweated where the tape adhered to the moving blankets/pads, and now it has some discolored stripes. I would recommend keeping old furniture like this in the truck for as little time as possible: load it last and unload it first. They did the best they could with what they had and overall we are very pleased with the guys' work. We have already recommended them to others.
by Linda from Milwaukee on
The two young men that moved my mother into her new apartment were an absolute delight. Hard working and professional. Thank You!
by Bruce from Denver on
My experience with your movers was not a good one. They did damage to the home that I moved from as well as the brand new home that I moved into. In addition, I offered protection for a mattress (which was refused),
that was wear damaged by a hole in the roof of the truck. A high-end dresser was drooped on the sidewalk and irreparably damaged as a result. After my old house was backed and ready to move, I set out for the new
house. I called 1 hour later to see where the truck was and the person at your office said he'd call them. They finally arrived 2 hours later, passing my new house on the way./
by Fady from Boilingbrook on
The mover partially disassembled my ping-pong table and did not have the tools to reassemble it. I was promised that someone else would come to do this but waited for several weeks now and no one contacted me. Alesia from Schaumburg was my main contact. I would appreciate a call and for them to come out and fix this. Once I get this, if you send me another survey, I will update my overall satisfaction rating. Fady Bebawy 312-399-0564.
by Dennis from Lansing on
Gloria Loongo went out her way to make sure the move went as planned.
by Jan from Omaha on
The men did a great job and even moved some extra items. Very considerate and respectful. The move went very smooth and no problems.
by CJ from Huntsville on
The two gentlement that move us were very professional and hard workers. I have a lot of very heavy furniture and they did a wonderful and efficient job. Thank you so much. Best move ever!
by Betty from Gaffney on
Movers were great, but there were changes in quote.
by Dennis from Xenia on
Great experience!
Minor issues for training- a little more description on boxes for future identification would be helpful.
One of the guys was going to take our outside furniture (we were looking for a place to give it away or trash it) and it is still there.
Good group of hard working young men.
by Susan from Kennesaw on
I was very impressed by Michele. She certainly delivered as promised. I called her about an item that was missing, she located it and sent it to me. That's great service. Rick and his helper were awesome. It was a stressful move for me and they were very conscious of my belongings. I would suggest more care moving and packing lamps. But overall they were fabulous! Thanks to all who participated in making my move less stressful
by Jill from Brighton on
The movers were nice, courteous and worked at a fair rate of speed to move a piano. When moving a clavinova into our garage, one of the movers accidentally tripped on a step and broke one of the feet of this musical instrument. It took about 2 weeks for Two Men and a Truck to fix the clavinova. I was happy with the repair and thank you.
by Erin from St Louis on
The two young men that helped me move were so nice and efficient! Great job! Thank you!
by Melissa from Greensboro on
I used Two Men and a Truck to move my mother into a retirement home and the estimate was exactly right. This time the estimate was way off. I do not want the mover's to get into trouble because this was not their fault. I asked that someone come out to give me an estimate and the girl I spoke with told me that it was not necessary. The movers said that the list of items was correct, but the estimator did not take into consideration the size and difficulty of the pieces. When time started running short, the movers began to hurry and got careless. A leaf in my dining table was damaged and the highboy was picked up wrong, so the top piece came off spilling my jewelry and accessories all over the ground. This piece has been moved by two movers before - it must be picked up from the bottom, not the top. The movers told me that they were not going to put it back together because someone from Two Men would want to come out to look at it It has been almost 2 months and it is still sitting in 2 pieces on my bedroom floor - no one has called. The dining room table leaf was refinished and you did a good job, however, it probably would not have happened at all if the time estimate had been better. I missed an appointment that evening because the estimate was so bad and for all this anguish, I had to pay almost $400.00 more than the original estimate! As you can tell, I am no longer a happy customer and since I expressed my dismay and still had to pay extra, I will spread the news.
by Jen from Sugar Grove on
My furniture was damaged and I called to inquire about this. I received a call back and the man left a message. I returned the call as soon as I could but never heard back from them. I had a precious good experience with the company and this move was okay.. Except for that. I feel that the movers didn't really try to take care of my furniture and the follow up was not satisfactory.
by Nada from Woodinville on
We have moved a lot and it was the worst experience yet
by David from Birmingham on
The office staff was great in scheduling my appointment. My only disappointment was the fact that one of my picture frames was damaged and it took your office 2 weeks to pick it up to fix. I am still waiting for a callback to advise it was fixed.
by Julie from Austin on
Kevin Nunn and Jason Carmona were excellent packers and movers. However, the cost was over the top. We had used the company the year before and paid at least 300 less for the same amount of items. The only addition was garment boxes and a picnic table. Very disappointed in the cost, but very pleased with the movers.
by Stacy from Sahuarita on
Absolutely GREAT experience! Jeremy and Troy KNOW what they are doing, are extremely careful, move quickly but are incredibly patient as well. They ask questions if they are uncertain of anything and are incredibly polite at all times. (They were also very nice and fun to chat with.) They had no problem dropping items at two different houses either! BEST MONEY EVER SPENT!!!! Definitely recommend this company to ANYONE who needs to move! Also, they charge an extremely reasonable rate. Thanks guys for ALL your hard work and help!
by John from Tulsa on
This was an across town move. Dominique & Curtis were terrific! They were great to work with, quick, the estimated cost was spot on & there were no bumps of furniture or walls. And they knew exactly how to turn mom's recliner to fit it through the door and around the hall corner - definitely not their first rodeo. I would definitely use TwoMen again
by Freteta from Conley on
Trey, Michael and one other young man were extremely efficient and I am very pleased with the move's experience. They were very professional, courteous and thoughtful. Thanks for being part of my relocation!
by Mario from Round Rock on
Our personal possessions were handled carelessly and broken.
by Mark from Arlington on
I was having only one piece of furnitutre moved, so the question of boxes was not necessary.
by Lisa from Las Vegas on
I am very unsatisfied with your services. I moved from a 1600 square foot house and your movers packed the truck poorly and had to go back for a second trip. This is further unsettling because I moved all 6 of my dining chairs, 4 barstools, 2 large round chairs and every bit of my personal items myself. Your movers did not move any boxes, pictures or personal items at all. Everything should have fit in the truck in one trip. Furthermore, the movers were careless. They spent A LOT of time wrapping my furniture, only to hit several walls, door frames and light fixtures in my new home. Damage was caused to the walls and door frames and while you sent someone out to repair, it was painted with the wrong finish and still has not been completed even though I have talked to someone in your office several times. Your movers also soiled my off white couch and chair while moving and even left an arm cover laying in the floor of the truck. The people you have on the phones doing the estimates and scheduling service are very nice and helpful, but your company did not deliver on what was said. I feel like I was overcharged because of your movers incompetence.
by Mike from San Diego on
We were very unhappy with the moving service we received. The movers slide the top of my china cabinet off the base and left large deep scratches. The local office sent out someone from the office to try to fix it two times, but that only made it worse. They finally sent a professional furniture repair person but he was not able to fix it correctly due to the damage that the office person did. The professional repair person said that it would have been an easy fix had the office person not tried to sand it down. My cabinet is forever ruined. The two workers dropped a piece of furniture (we heard it) and put a large gash in the floor but when we asked them about it they acted like it was no big deal. They destroyed the bottom of a large TV we had as they could not lift it up the steps correctly. Today as we were unwrapping a toy truck we noticed that they put a large gash in the top of the trunk. The truck driver was not well informed about the insurance and could not adequately explain to me the options even after he called the office. We have moved 5 times in the last 10 years and have never had such a terrible experience. I will actively ensure that no one I know ever uses you company.
by Allon from Nashville on
Joe and Curtis is an awesome team.It seem like they have worked together for many years.
by Marcia from Birmingham on
The main crew with Josh was great. The second crew that met me at my sons house I was not impressed with. The head guy or driver was rude and unpleasant upon arrival. At the end he did not listen to were I ask him to put boxes, he chose to put them all in the garage.
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