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by Nicki from Irving on
by Candy from Green Bay on
The three men were very professional even though it was the hottest, most humid day this summer to move.
by Kimberly from Marion on
I hired Two Men and a Truck to pack my house and they did an outstanding job!! I was very impressed with the individuals who came and handled everything. They were professional, courteous, kind and took very special care of my items as if they were their own! I moved from Marion, Iowa to Nashville, TN and everything was in a POD for 2 months. I recently just unpacked and there were no issues at all with any of my items. I would highly recommend Two Men and a Truck for packing! The team I had was absolutely fantastic!! Thank you! - Kimberly Stiles
by Michael from Atlanta on
This is a very professional company and gives good value for the money. The three guys they sent- and unless you really don’t have much stuff- I recommend three- showed up on time and worked all day moving a ton of stuff accumulated over 30 years. Rondoll, Shannon, and Bob were all very polite and receptive to any suggestions/requests. They drove to the new location very slowly and carefully. The biggest challenge was getting a huge desk upstairs to the Library and also a very large chest around a tight double staircase. It looked impossible but they got it done!

Excellent pre and post move service.
by Wendy from Winter springs on
These guys rocked! Had to move my moving day out a day due to construction delays and they worked with me on the time line. Had 4 guys and 2 trucks move me out of 4 storage units and then helped with reloading and organizing one. They were polite, helpful, and fun!
by Kelly from Racine on
AWESOME - our 4 movers were the VERY BEST - helpful, courteous, efficient, and all around very nice guys. They made our move a delightful and less stressful experience. We would recommend Two Men & A Truck to everyone.
by Mark from St Michael on
I was overcharged by 35%, which Two Men and a Truck agreed to refund but never did. Also, the movers damaged our newly refinished wood floors and they will not reimburse me for repairnig the damage. Mark Manaski
by Lisa from Rossville on
The 3 gentlemen who worked with me were excellent. We had multiple pick up and drop off points and they were patient and helpful. Our last drop was at Goodwill and while the supervisor and I handled the final paperwork the two young men assisted an elderly lady in unloading her car of their own accord. I was duly impressed with their customer service and their compassionate spirit.
by Brenda from home on
Christian, Austin, and Zack were amazing! They moved my in-laws from their home of 22 years into a retirement community on a blazing hot and humid August day in Florida. These young men were courteous to my parents, respectful of their items, knowledgeable in their job, and FAST! I was especially impressed with the way Christian looked after his team and kept the communication going, stepping in to do any job. That young man was everywhere!

After 64 years of marriage, the accumulation of stuff was impressive and there had not been nearly enough downsizing prior to the move, but these young men managed to fit every box, bag, and stitch of furniture into the apartment, including two large couches, and they set as much up as was possible due to space limitations.
by Lori from Austin on
The two men who came to move our house were very professional, neat and super courteous. They did their best to get the job done. Unfortunately, both were relatively new at the job and one had just gotten hurt a week or so before, so they had some deficits which definitely affected getting our job done in a timely manner. Consequently, we were over budget by almost $1,000. I was very clear with the office personnel who took our order that this would be a tough move given the location and the bulk of the furniture. She seemed unphased. In the end it took two days to finish this job (we were just moving from one apartment to the other in the same complex!!) and two different teams of men to complete it. I think some time could have been shaved off the job but the movers were not able to park the truck so they had to walk further (other moving companies I have seen have not had any trouble parking). Many of my pieces were damaged - coach torn and a bureau split in two in addition to numerous scratches and abrasions to expensive furniture. I did end up calling to see about putting in a claim for the sofa and the bureau. The person who answered was wonderful and said he would have the person who handles claims for that location contact me the next day. I never heard back. Repeated calls have garnered no response. Bottom line, I think had the company paired a new employee with an older more seasoned one (and certainly not one who had been really hurt just weeks prior), the outcomes would have been different. In addition, I think it's a poor policy not to come to the home to bid the project that way you are well aware of the location and the heaviness of the furniture you are being asked to move. I waited this long to answer this survey because I really liked the guys who were there the first day to do the move - they were just not seasoned enough and like I said, one was hurt!However, not calling me back to talk to me about my claim is just unacceptable and the fault of those who run this company. So unfortunately, I have to submit a less than positive survey result. Sorry guys! I still need someone to call me back, BTW!
by Walter from Duncan on
A manager at Two Men and a Truck, ROB, sucks the big one. The office made a mistake and told the movers our furniture was going from storage to storage. They knew we were going from storage in our apartment to our new build (house). Movers said they had the wrong information and they were told it was from storage to storage. They said therefore the quote was wrong and the charge would be a LOT HIGHER. They called Rob and I asked if he would work with me on the price because it wasn't my mistake it was theirs. He got mad and told the movers to remove our items from their truck and cancel the move. The movers obviously were not happy and treated our goods roughly as they unloaded the truck. Some of our items were scratched or damaged by this rough treatment. It took them 2 hours to load the truck and 15 minutes to unload it.
You can imagine how it was handled to unload it in 15 minutes. I tell everyone I meet how we were treated by Two Men and a Truck. In all my years I have never seen a manager act like a child. Thank goodness I had the apartment paid until the end of the month and didn't have to be out that day. I called All My Sons and they came down the next day and moved us. With a manager like Rob I don't know how you stay in business.
by Felicia from Boynton Beach on
Was very unhappy with office staff - she failed to reimburse me for boxes that were rented and returned - even after repeated requests. Also, I requested and never received a receipt for the total bill as the copy I received the day of the move is illegible.

In addition, after unpacking all of the boxes I realized how poorly the china was packed by one of the movers - several items were broken - very careless mistakes. Lastly, there were only 2 movers and there should have been 3 - it took them way too long to load the truck.
by Chris from Deltona on
We recently used Two Men and a Truck for our move from Volusia to Seminole County. The movers were very fast and efficient. They were very careful with our belongings and nothing was damaged. We were in a bit of a rush because we had to be out of our home at a certain time because the new owner's would be moving in shortly after. The movers were extremely mindful of this and helpful. The move time was an hour and a half less than had been estimated, which was great! The hourly rate is a bit high compared to other companies, but I feel it is worth it. I had used Two Men and a Truck twice previously and I would use them again. Thank you!
by Andrew from Ottawa on
From the time we began to plan our move, to the confirmation of the last box unloaded in our new home, we were very happy with this company's service and professionalism. Chantal was extremely patient and helpful in setting up the details, and the guys were friendly, quick, and efficient with the move.
Thank you very much!
by Karen from Libertyville on
Job was not estimated correctly. Minor damage to multiple pieces of furniture
by Cheryl from Manitowoc on
by Jill from Dupont on
I marked "no" with regard to referring. I'm honestly not sure. My husband and I have used your team multiple times, and this was the first time I was really disappointed. I am submitting some photos for reimbursement with regard to damage, and hope to get something back. We spoke to someone right away, and the team manager took photos but it was not followed up on after the first phone call. I really didn't feel like care was taken. The truck had mechanical issues on pick-up and delivery, so while it was a 2 truck 80 mile move, the team of four was not done until nearly 10 pm. Essentially the move took nearly 12 hours, which seemed excessive to us. A few members of the team were grumbling about expectation of a "tip" within earshot of my daughter during the move, which I thought was really inappropriate. Your team was late to arrive, my husband picked up McDonalds for the team during the packing, we provided cold drinks during deliver, and we did tip the team about $40. Maybe that isn't a lot, but I'm sure it is more than a lot of people do. The move was over $3000, so we really felt like the service should have been better. I hope we hear back on our submittal of damage, but I'm honestly not expecting to. I hope you surprise me and win my business back as well as my referral.
by Steve from Nortport on
Movers were excellent...however office staff should pay more attention to their customers. We made an appointment for 5pm and office staff was thoughtful to ask if they could come early, which I kindly declined because I wasn't available...HOWEVER, when I later suggested that we wouldn't be ready until 5:00 (our original appointment time) the lady I believe her name was Jessica in the Tuscaloosa, AL location, sounded slightly frustrated and said that her men had been waiting around for my job all day. I have had good experiences with Two Men previously...My point today is, if you make an appointment, don't act like its a chore to come at that time. I know this is just one individual but I just didn't appreciate it. That's the whole point of making appointments. Thank you.
by Joan from Leslie on
I am unhappy with the move itself due to 1)staff arrived with an outdated estimate; 2)did not bring the carpet shield that I requested during the confirmation call and said they would get it between houses; 3)tipped jewelry armoire on its side; 4)took many long breaks while loading resulting leaving much later than anticipated and the driver decided not to stop and get the carpet shield between houses without notifying me.

The move took place on June 21, and today is August 12 and the damages to the new house have still not been done. To date, I have made about 20 calls in an attempt to get this taken care of. I submitted my concerns to customer care through the website on July 28 and was contacted by Charly Henry. She contacted the owner/manager, Ashley Skaggs who assured me that she would take care of this personally. My first contact with Ashley was July 30. Two of the three repairs were just completed last week, but the damage to the kitchen linoleum floor still is not set up. A vendor to repair wood floors contacted me last week and I have not heard from Ashley since. My last email from Charly Henry informed me that the corporate office only serves as a liaison and does not mandate a specific resolution. I find it odd that the corporate office is not concerned that a franchise is giving them a bad reputation. Feel free to contact me at 517-896-8702.
by Steve from East Lansing on
Used a rental truck and did not have adequate moving equipment, including basic tools.

Did not move everything even though one time was stated up front as a high priority.

Very slow to respond in getting claims handles. Had to call several times.

Overall main mover tried very hard but did not have competent partner and consequently was sliding furniture down stairs and doing other such activities that caused damage to keep the move going. Therefore we do not blame him but the franchise for not properly supporting him.
by Wanda from Chapin on
Our family has used your services a few times. Have always been pleased with the professional and courteous service provided. The guys were once again, "awesome" on this last move. Not planning any moves in the near future but will recommend your company to anyone who is.
by Gherig from Phoenix on
Brandon & Justin were very professional and very easy to get along with during all of the process.
Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!
by Jillian from Island Lake on
We used Two Men and a Truck for the second time this past weekend and this experience was just as great as the first. The three young gentlemen who moved us - Mayfield, Paparella and Walter (I only have their last names, sorry!) - were truly outstanding. They were fast, professional, careful and lovely to be around. They made what is a very stressful experience - moving - much easier with their customer service mindset. We were extremely pleased with everything and can't thank you enough. I will definitely continue to recommend Two Men and a Truck to anyone I know who is relocating.

Thanks again!
by Joanne from Mitchell's Corners on
The whole process was very professional from beginning to end. Shaun the scheduler came to the house to give a quote, he was very friendly and professional and answered all my questions. The day of the move Kyle, Luke and Evan arrived on time and started working in a very organized fashion, quick and efficient. Even though there was a delay on my part and there were some challenges all three of the guys were relaxed with a good sense of humour. I highly recommend them, thanks guys!
by Faye from Gahanna on
You probably will not receive this email. I did not respond in June 2013 b ecause the service did not meet my needs for timelyness, updates about the status for the day, and the value of my time and money. The young man Corey was kind and helpful. However, the truck arrived six hours late. My friends and family were waiting around to support me but the day wore on. If the truck had been on time I would not have been moved at night. I have not recommended you to any of my friends because I felt robbed to pay for the lack of professionalism and respect given to me.
by Mohammed from Orlando on
by Mark in Livoia MI from Livonia on
Brett Reddy and his partner Joe (sorry I can't recall his last name) moved my house to a storage locker on 8/08/2014.
The were Terrific. They took great care and nothing was damaged. Did a very good job organizing my storage unit according to my particular needs.
Very friendly and polite too! I have nothing but good things to say about not only those two but the office staff also.
by Kenneth from Springfield on
This was a good experience thank you.
by Brian from Columbia on
Great service. Mover were very nice and professional!!!
by Kevin from Pittsburgh on
The guys were fast and courteous. I underestimated my truck needs but they worked with me to get the important stuff done. They were mindful about taking care with my belongings. They even got my washer and dryer out of a real tight spot. I mean,

They moved fast. I need to work out more. There's no way I could have moved that stuff at the rate they did.

2 Men and a Truck are my workout motivation.
by Mark from Boise on
Josh M., Josh C. and Skyler T. did great job and did move in fast pace! They were very professional. We were very happy with the whole service. We will recommend your company. Thank you!
by Jenna from Minneapolis on
The two men that moved me to my condo in downtown Mpls did a fabulous job! They were polite, on time, fast and efficient! Definitely 5 STARS ! ! Recommend them to everyone.
by Sherry from Augusta on
I have used Two Men and a Truck three times since June. Every move was efficient and everyone very helpful. Thanks to Bruce for repairing a leg on my grandmother's wardrobe. Was not anyone's fault-- just old. But he checked it out just to make sure they didn't do it. Very professional!!!
by Elaine from Dayton on
Hecter and Brian Flucas, our movers, were excellent in every way! We were very pleased with our move. The office staff that we spoke with by phone were excellent too.
by Donna from Brighton on
They broke a glass door on a very unique piece of furniture. We were patient with the process to get it repaired. We are getting the run around as to when or if the door is even being repaired. If the vendor you chose is not getting it done, get the piece back and send it some where else. This company's inability to jump on this problem and make sure it gets resolved is pathetic!!!!
by Jan from Chattanooga on
Even when only moving a couple of miles across town, everything still must be packed and moved. Nate and John were our movers and they were great! They arrived on time, carefully wrapped each piece of furniture and secured everything within their truck. They were equally professionally when we arrived at our new location. I would definitely recommend using Two Men and Truck to anyone.
by Craig from Lake Lotawana on
Had some damage to the premises and filled out a damage report and never heard from your company again! We also found some damage to our furniture after setting up the house. There weren't three movers , two of which we're good and worked there butts off the third just sat in the truck which was fine due to everything he touchd he damaged, did not have any respect for anything.
by tracye from pensacola on
Broke Mothers Dresser and left it whop sided with my disabled mom in her assisted living facility where it could have fallen over in her! Then only offered to give me 10 dollars for damages. Believe me I work in public and have let anyone that ask me about miving companies who NOT to use.
by Andrew from East Peoria on
by ahmad from katy on
by Norma from Goldsboro on
My 2 movers were the best and much better than Simply Moving Labor. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They were top shelf. Would use them again.
by Jennifer from Suffolk on
Price was too high for volume of stuff and distance
by Carol from Jacksoniville on
The service was excellent once again. The movers arrived at the designated time, were friendly and removed the stress normally associated with moving - WHAT A BONUS! Thank you very much for being outstanding!
by Sara from Columbia on
I was very pleased with my first move so I hired Two Men and a Truck again. While I was overall satisfied with my move, I was disappointed that one of my fabric chairs was covered with black hand prints and a bookcase was very dinged up on the edges. Thankfully, both of these items were inexpensive and my expensive furniture was well-protected with the cloths. I also found that the employees did not understand furniture placement well and I had to rearrange most of my furniture later. For instance, a dresser was arranged with the drawers facing the wall. While I was happy that the furniture was moved in a short amount of time, I hired the movers because I cannot move the furniture myself, so having it arranged correctly would have helped me more.
by Lisa from Melvindale on
Our movers went above and beyond to assist us in our entire relocation from Michigan to Florida. Their kind and polite attitudes made us feel confident for the safety of our personal belongings. Their communication and work-ethic were top notch the entire time and if we are lucky enough to return to Michigan, I will be requesting both of them personally.
Thank you very much!!!
by Racine from Clementon on
looking to move to boston. Looking for prices
by Michele from Champaign on
On Saturday, August 2 I had the pleasure of having the following gentlemen move me:

Mr. Andre King
Mr. Stephen Belhomme
Mr. Zac Barnes

I cannot say enough about the work the gentlemen did. They were polite, on time, courteous and patient throughout the day. My nerves were frayed, but not theirs. I repeatedly asked them to please take a break and drink liquids because it was hot. They never really took a break. They continued to work. This concerned me because everyone doing such heavy work needs to take breaks and drink lots of liquid.

They were across the board glowing "5's" in every area. In the afternoon Josh came out to make sure everything was going well. His visit was much appreciated. Another sign of Two Men and a Truck's commitment to quality. Your organization is well represented by the outstanding, hardworking crew. Please extend my thanks once again to all three gentlemen. I couldn't have done it without them. Please feel free to use my testimonial as a recommendation for your organization. I hope I don't have to move again for some time. But if I do I know who I'll call. Thank you for taking such great care of my things and relieving me of worry.

Michele J. Perry
by Margaret from Burnsville on
Sam S. and Yones G. moved my mother's belongings to an assisted living site. They arrived on time, worked respectively and cooperatively with one another, and calmed my frayed nerves at the same time. At one point Sam said to me while I was fretting about the mattress fitting through the door way, "Try to relax. We have this under control." I would hire Two Men and a Truck in a minute if we ever have a need to move something again. I was very impressed how both men spoke to me and seem to realize how hard it was to move my mother from her independent living to an assisted living.
by Clifton from Austin on
The two guys that moved my things, did an Outstanding job! They took care of my things, to the best of their ability! I had 6 Electric Bass Guitars and they handled them all with extreme Care! I really appreciate that. When I move out of the storage unit, I want the same two guys Josh and Stewart to move my things!!!
by LaShanda and Loretta from Fisher on
Zach Willis, Jake Fischer and Chris Bradner were awesome with the service they had provided. They were efficient with how organize they were and how they finished in a timely manner. Would use Two Men and a Truck again.
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