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Overall, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has a 4.5 rating.
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by JJ from Local move / Angus on
These movers were great! They were polite, easy going, worked fast, did not smoke or take breaks and they were careful with all the furniture......I would use this company for sure......Very happy with this service!
by Wade from Dallas on
The move with your guys went very well. It was not until after the move that I had trouble. My credit card was charged twice for the service. It was only charged once, but there was a hold for the entire price put on my card twice. The second charge was dropped after 24 hours, but in that time period it made my account over-drafted. That was a real hassle and something I should not have to deal with. Duane Robertson knows about this problem and he has not apologized or anything. I have not been reimbursed for the $12.50 overdraft charge. Why this happened is a mystery to me, and it leaves a negative experience with me.
by Don from Sacramento on
This was a great experience. The reason for the 'Good' up top is because after the move was complete I noticed that none of the cabinets in the kitchen island were packed. Everything else was packed properly and professionally.
by Ezra from Jacksonville on
I can't remember the names of the movers, but they where 100% professional in handling my items. Also worked with great speed and got everything done in a timely fashion.
by Ryan from Tempe on
The movers were fantastic. They did an outstanding job and were very courteous and professional. They really knew what they were doing, and they were very efficient and quick with their work without being reckless. I will use TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in the future and I highly recommend them to everyone I know.
by Jeremy from Greendale on
I just noticed our file cabinet is all dented in the from moving. I was not aware of this until now. Can we claim this? Also after asking twice prior to move date the movers came without bed bags. They also took a lot longer to move our belongings than anticipated. Just trying to get the couch in the house took one whole hour! What a time waster. Also our movers were not aware that we were moving from a 2nd floor unit to a 2nd floor unit. The one mover was upset they gave our move to him instead of a younger guy in better shape. I'm assuming the move would have been faster if they did too. Overall the guys were super nice and other than the file cabinet, we felt like most of the issues stemmed from the office.
by sonja from Little River on
the worst service I have ever had. Was lied to and service was incompient and incomplete. Carelessly handled furniture broke pieces and containers. Would never use them again. BAD service and attitude.
by Tammy from Summerfield on
You guys know the over priced and horrible service that I received from your team leader. It cost me a $1000 to move 10×10 storage unit of furniture and swap out a bed in new place. The helper, black guy was awesome.. All we did was wait on the slacker white guy who spent whole time calling his grand pa and other people complaining the whole time. The helper got all the items removed from 5678 while the guy in charge sat on the truck complaining to who knows who. All caught on tape. I 2 as way over charged and that is why you called me. I was just afraid since the looser white guy knew where I lived. It will be m u goal to warn everyone about your company and I walk down and take your flyers everything I see them!!!!
by Hannah from Raleigh on
Did not have a good experience working with Patrick Worthy. I had a damaged headboard during the move and working with Patrick to get it fixed was frustrating. It was not mentioned that the weight of the bed was based on a standard list. I thought the weight was based on my actual piece of furniture after speaking with Patrick. Also, we spoke in regards to the time to deliver the headboard and he couldn't remember what we decided on the day of delivery. This is extremely unprofessional.
by Linda from Kissimmee on
This company did a great job! I would highly recommend them to anyone.
They were fast and efficient. Very polite and helpful.

Thanks for all your hard work,
by mark from woonsocket on
by Dorothy from Baton Rouge on
My recent experience with Two Men and a Truck was fantastic. Henry and Justin moved us from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Joplin, Missouri. They were friendly, professional, and very careful with our belongings. Despite the blistering heat and humidity in Baton Rouge, Henry never lost his smile or encouraging words. They helped make a potentially difficult move remarkable easy. I would recommend this company to any of my friends, family, or realtors. Thank you Henry!! It was a pleasure getting to know you!!

Dorothy Hayden
by Dana from Greenfield on
would use again
by Ron from Dublin on
The truck used for my move on 4/24/2014 was insufficient in size to complete one move and had to return to my apartment to complete the move to my new home. A site survey should have been done knowing that I had the contents of a full house in my apartment and garage. A larger truck should have been selected. When I moved from my 1600 square foot home in Maryland to Ohio a much larger truck was used. If you did not offer a larger truck, you should have referred me to a mover who could get one.
The movers did a good job bringing my new refrigerator into a tight location in the kitchen.
The repair of moving damage done to furniture was done well by the furniture repair company.
Based on the size of trucks you use you should not do moves involving a house-worth of furniture.
by Lanita from Houston on
I found out that the movers left two items at the previous location. One was a wooden TV tray that matches a set and the other was a picture. I had definitely told the movers that both items were to be taken to my house.

In addition, the dresser has a glass top. They didn't put the glass top back on and put the mirror back on the dresser with no room to slide the glass in. I've had to put the glass in a closet since I haven't had the time or help to unscrew the back and put the glass back on.
by Joyce from Woodbury on
The men broke my bedboard and taped it WITHOUT telling me. This caused
my headboard to break. There was dirt from the move on my mattresses.
The guys did a great job on getting my mattress up to my bedroom. They
went above and beyond to get the job done with that said I was extremely disapointed that they broke the board which supported my bed and didn't say anything which as already stated caused my headboard to break. This headboard was extremely expensive. I also tipped them very well and had I known they broke the board I wouldn't of tipped.
by George from Bellevue on
The movers were helpful, worked really hard, and professional. We had a problem with the leg breaking off on one chest and a broken glass top on a nite stand that wasn't because of them not being careful but just happened. We are really disappointed that our efforts to get this resolved have been ignored. A damage report was filed job # 14414 but after not hearing anything and calling and being assured that someone would get back to us we still haven't been contacted. After such a good experience with the movers we are unhappy that the follow up is so bad.
by Susan from Palm Harbor on
First, the truck did not reference your name,so I wasn't sure that this was your company or if this was of any affiliation with your company. I explained that I wanted to make sure that the truck was big enough when I spoke with the individual taking the order. I was quite disappointed in the service provided. The timing that it took the 2 guys to get my items loaded was unreasonable, as if they were exausted from the previous move.

When we went to the home to unload, it started to lightly rain. The workers stopped multiple times and explained that I would not be charged for down time. My daughter overheard the two gentleman state that neither one knew how many time they were not working, as no one tracked it. They subtracted 15 mins, which it was about an hour. I was infuriated, but gave a tip anyway. I wished I had not used your services, and will not in the future.
by WILL from Lawrenceville on
i had set appointment for a Friday but the office associate i was working with asked if i could reschedule for Saturday because it would help them out. i said okay. the crew was to arrive no later than 1200. by 1400 i was given the runaround. by 1700 i was still being lied to by office personnel. i was growing very upset as i had to vacate my apartment by 2359 on Saturday. The crew lead that I spoke with around 1700 made it all happen. He took the blame and was the first person with your company to apologize. He rounded up a crew who had already worked a long day and came to my place. They were professional, hard working, positive representatives of your company who had a strong leader. i would only hire this company again if i knew i had the same crew. i wish i could remember their names. --will scanlin move date was april 26, 2014 from lawrenceville, ga to snellville, ga
by Marylin from Westerville on
Two Men and A Truck did a great job moving furnishings of my belated mother for my brother to a storage area. The crew were great workers. Consequently, I scheduled to have an old handmade hutch built by my grandfather moved to my home. I was not called a half hour before the men arrived. They stated they tried calling but my phone was not in service. That was incorrect. The driver had a difficult time backing into my belated mother's driveway. At my home 15 miles away, the same driver did not backup to my house as close as he could have causing the two men to carry the heavy hutch farther than necessary. When entering the front door, the same person who did the driving did not have his workboots tied and almost stumbled in the doorway. If he had fallen his legs would have been crushed. When they were in the room where I wanted the hutch set up, they could not figure out how to set it upright without hitting the ceiling. They tried different times and we kept measuring the hutch and floor to ceiling height. I suggested they leave it on its side until I talk to someone in the office on Saturday. What is strange is that in the middle of the night I woke up realizing how the men should have lifted the hutch up. The hutch should have been turned from side to front down and then taken up with the back toward the wall. I called on Saturday did not get a return call from the Operations Manager then again on Monday to make arrangements to have another crew come out.
by Kate from Lake Barrington on
Guys did a fantastic job!! 5 stars across the board!
by Lynn from Ridgeland on
While the office staff was friendly, at the end of the day, it is all about the move itself. Daniel, the lead mover, was sullen and had a bad attitude. The other two movers were brand new and inexperienced, thus, it took longer than it should have. But most importantly, I showed them a desk that needed to be taken apart to move. Twice I caught them trying to shove the desk through the door. After they finally took it apart (when I got them a tool because they had no tools on the truck), I pointed out scratches that did not exist before, and Daniel was argumentative. In general, care was not taken with other household belongings either. Management (Wilson Hillman, Mark, and DJ) have not been responsive in a resolution. When I told two different friends of mine about this experience, one of them said, "you'll never hear from them again." I thought Two Men and a Truck was a better company than that. Needless to say, I was disappointed.
by Leslie from Holly Springs on
The team was great! Very professional and courteous. They even helped us with additional boxes at the last minute. Great service and price, I would use again if I ever move again!
by Eva from Hamden on
You guys where AMAZING!
I truly appreciate your hard work and honesty!
I'd recommend your company to anyone in a heart beat!
Thank you do much for helping me moving my stuff and yes the movers worked well together! Their attitude where outgoing and energetic! Very good people! I hope God bless y'all and your company!
Good day!
by Susan from Chico on
Your entire staff was wonderful, from the lady who took our reservation to your movers. They helped us out when we were in a bind, and were wonderful!!!
by Christopher from Fort Lauderdale on
My move went fairly well last December (sorry just getting around to completing survey now). I was having to constantly reschedule at the last minute because my closing date kept changing but the office staff was very helpful and remarkable. The movers showed up within the appointed time frame, but I was a little uneasy at first because of their appearance. They worked hard and I was in the end satisfied with the service.
by James from Darien on
Our team of packers and movers was very good. We were very happy with the service.
by Karyn from Edwardsville on
I have no complaints with my Two Men and a Truck experience and would definitely use the service again. The guys who I worked with were efficient and friendly. Definitely good employees to have.
by Penelope from Wilmington on
The housing of my Kitchen Aid stand mixer was cracked during the move, it was damaged beyond repair. On 7/11 Chris agreed to partially compensate me $150, saying the check would be send out in a few days; it has been 18 days - I'm still waiting for the money.

About a week after I'd spoken to Chris, when I was fully settled in and had begun to cook, I realized that kitchen items that had been stored near the stand mixer in Wilmington were missing. It was stuff that would likely fit in one box: four serving platters, essential parts required to operate my Cuisinart food processor, baking tools, salad spinner, etc - items collectively worth close to $1,000. I spoke to Chris about this on 7/21, he said he'd look into it and call me back the same day - it's been over a week and I'm still waiting for his return call.

Curiously, a top-heavy Kitchen Aid mixer suffered enough damage to crack the housing and a second box of stuff likely taken down the cement stairs at the same time never made it to my new home - coincidence?

This was my worst moving experience by far, and I've moved a lot for professional reasons, including overseas!

Penelope Ward
by Stephanie from St Louis on
Shawn and Stetson were very helpful and made the move go smoothly!
by Frank from Charlotte on
Excellent before, excellent this time. Keep up the good work. Also like idea that you added option of just "two men" without the truck. Will come in handy one day for projects requiring furniture and heavy items being moved, then put back, like when new floor put in.

Thanks again!!!
by Vicki from Cottage Grove on
The crew you sent for my move were fantastic! I never saw so much smiling while working or such energy and speed. Nothing got damaged and the move was the most enjoyable for me out of 13 moves in my life.
Great job done by these guys and the people in the office were very nice and accommodating too! I have referred you to my co-workers and friends.
by Arthur from Solon on
Ended up spending more than I anticipated, due to extended hours and traveling fee.
by Jane from Champaign on
Nice kids!
by Linda from Southgate on
Some of my stuff was put into storage. When I went back a couple of weeks later I noticed in the back of the storage unit and I can't get to it is my grandmothers china cabinet with the top broke off I hope they at least put it in the drawer or something and a glass knob is broke off of a drawer, guess when I take them out of storage I have to buy a new knob and pray the top to the china cabinet is there.
by Andrea from Florence on
We had two great guys who were very professional and handled our goods with care. They worked hard and did all they said they would do!!
by STEPHANIE from Avon Lake on
Very Professional - Did a great job!!
by Cynthia from Baton Rouge on
My movers were prompt, efficient , courteous and professional! Will definitely request them on my next move! Thanks and sorry for the delay in responding...I have had family health issues that have required all of my time!
by Karen from Chicago on
The two gentlemen were very polite and patient with my mom and all of the questions we had. Will definitely recommend your company.
by Justin from St Augustine on
Top notch service, from time of arrival, to efficiency, to communication. First time we've used a moving company and I could not be any more satisfied. Moving crew was thorough, careful to wrap all of our couches and wooden cabinets. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for movers.
by Betty from Atlanta on
Josh, Josh and Josh were fabulous! Very hard working, fast, careful, and nice.
by Kim from Sun Prairie on
I apologize for the delay on returning this to you. Overall everything was fine but we do need a claim form since we had some damage done to a table.
Kim Meier
2471 Leopold Way
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
by Cindy from Kansas City on
The office staff is very friendly. Special thanks to Theresa & Sally Toney. I liked the two movers Dean and Taylor because they are professional, prompt, and thorough. This is my second time to use two men & a truck (also received great service in another city) but my husband and I agreed your team was even better to provide EXCELLENT service. I will definitely remain loyal to your company.

Thank you
by Joy from Plainfield on
Great group of Men. Extremely careful and very nice. Took care of our belongings and followed through with our requests.
by James from Columbus on
The actual move was good; however, my bedroom furniture had large chunks of wood taken out of it and I have not received any further follow-up past the initial . . . "you'll be contacted" phone call. This is also impacted by a similar incident that happened when two men and a truck moved my mother into our house in March 2013. They knocked a light fixture off of our foyer ceiling when moving my mom's mattress in. We reported it and followed up but never heard anything again. It's one thing to have to replace a $150 light fixture but it is another thing to have to replace a large, expensive piece of furniture. I am VERY disappointed in the lack of care of the follow through . . . not by the actual movers but by the company!!
by Mimi from Atlanta on
Several dishes and glassware pieces arrived broken. The packing of the kitchen was poor. There are many scuff marks on the furniture which occurred in moving. Two file furniture pieces do not fit well since the move. The personnel from my representative to the moving men could not have been nicer nor more accommodating, but the above described circumstances should not have taken place.
by Maureen from Ridley Park on
This is the second time I've used TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. I have always had amazing service. Your prices, availability and quickness are why I recommend you to everyone.
by Ron from Marion on
The three guys that moved me were very hard working, diligent, and took good care of packing up my home. I was very impressed with their professionalism and how the whole move went from packing to storage. I would like to re-hire them for my move in 4 weeks.

Thank you,
Ron O'Toole
by Larisa from Orlando on
The Mike's and CJ made our move so easy and can't thank them enough for all their help and professionalism. - Larisa Mill 10754 spring brook ln orlando 32825.
by CJ from Ann Arbor on
My movers, Austin and Jason did a fantastic job. They were professional and did a careful job within a timely fashion. I was very pleased with my experience. Austin and Jason represented the company well.
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