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by Joe from Ponca City on
Took good care of our furniture and everything. Well mannered also mrs anderson
by Adrienne from Raleigh on
The team of movers I had were civil - barely. I watched them hit my furniture on the stair-rails a couple of times, and they dropped one dresser (and broke it), and it wasn't wrapped. I also had some broken dishes, one of the boxes was either tossed or dropped, the dishes were well wrapped - but one box-full of dishes was broken.

I've been moved by Two Men & a Truck years ago, perhaps I just got a poor team or they were having a bad day. This move was not worth the price, and I still have a dresser which is being evaluated for repair/replacement.
by Melissa from Elkmont on
Chris and Luke from Huntsville completed my move. They were awesome! It was rainy during the time of my move, but you would never know it because they were so careful about putting down blankets (I guess they were blankets) so they did not track anything in either house! The initial walkthrough was completed and they told me how they would conduct the move out. At the new house, they unloaded everything exactly where I needed it. They were very professional in their attire, manners, attitude - basically their entire interactions with me and my family. I really appreciate that! Those two deserve a raise for setting such a wonderful example of professionalism, efficiency and courtesy for the company!
by Stacy from Ripon on
The start of my interaction with this move was rocky but the communication got much better in the end. The moving crews were fantastic.
by Bobby from Aurora on
The moving guys themselves were great, but I felt very rushed. ( even though there was space in the truck, we never got to move anything out of the garage. A few of my things were damaged, like the wood bunk beds got scratched up & a collect able I clearly had marked breakable was on the bottom of the dolly & was cracked. The time you go over, does that include the smoke breaks the guys take? After talking to friends & coworkers, 2 Guys & a Truck doesn't have the great word of mouth. You are very over priced & the guys aren't usually careful with your things.
by Robin from Fayetteville on
I had a wonderful experience with your company. Everyone was very cordial and went out of their way to be helpful. I would definitely recommend you and use you again myself.
by Mary from Woodbury on
Was very happy with personal service of the actual movers.
by Kim from Longwood on
Our team of 3 movers were outstanding. They were on time, very efficient, personable, helpful, and professional. They had us packed, moved, and unloaded in under four hours! We were all very impressed with the job they did. Thank you for your great service. Please be sure to pass this on to these young men. Regards, Kim Byerly, General Manager
by Rusty from Marietta on
Estimator Michelle Davis should be fired or re-trained. She deceptively quoted me 8-10 hours for a move that took over 16 and was not completed. I had to hire someone else the next day to complete the move. The paperwork she gave me quoted 8-12 and the paperwork the crew had was 14.25-17 so clearly she knew. The workers did a great job and I feel bad for them as they did the best they could but my expectations were unrealistic due to Ms. Davis deception. For this reason I would not recommend this company to anyone although the work itself was very good.
by Debbie from Oshkosh on
I was very happy with my move. I did have one glass table top broken because it was not
Properly packed by the crew. I did not discover the break until after the allowed time frame but I emailed the office anyway. I was told the breakage specialist would get back to me. Two weeks have passed with no contact. I am not upset, but quick follow-up is always appreciated by the customer. I will definitely recommend you to people.
by Liz from Grand Rapids on
We had an excellent experience with Two Men and a Truck! our move was smooth, quick, and easy. The only issue is the day we were moving was a warm warm and the gentlemen had moved an entire house before ours and when they left our brand new couches were soaking wet with sweat. Two weeks later our new home still smells like B.O. when we walk into it and we cant stand to sit on certain spots of the couch and love seat. We have cleaned the couches with numerous different things but can't seem to get the odor to go away.
by Samuel from Woodbine on
Overall the mover was good. But I had to call Two Men and a Truck several times to get explanation.
by Jeff from Dayton on
Mike and Anthony did a great job and ensured all items were moved safely and quickly. I would definitely use Two Men and a Truck and request these two individuals to move our items again.
by Bryn from Tampa on
Kenny and Ron moved me from one end of Tampa to the other on May 31, 2014. Both were polite, excellent movers, and careful with my belongings. Kenny especially was great. He exemplified customer service throughout the entire day. He was calm when my dad was not :) and was cautious with all of my personal belongings. Kenny is an exemplary employee, consistently displaying all the service standards of three men and a truck.
by Larry from Fort Lauderdale on
My sofa is damage. And, YOU lost my fasteners when you got to my new location... That really made me mad at you.
by Deborah from Lexington on
Requested an experienced team but office staff stated that they could not guarantee level of experience or who I would get. I would have appreciated more detailed information regarding this matter prior to the move. I was however very satisfied with the team that was sent. Both of the gentlemen were very careful with all of my furniture. Responsive to my requests to wrap everything properly. My expensive furniture arrived intact without damage which made me very happy. The moving staff did and excellent job and were very friendly. They seemed very experienced handing and moving all of my belongings. I would request these gentlemen again!
by Sidney from Detroit on
My storage unit closes at 6pm. Before booking, I asked the office staff if the movers could support this timing and mentioned it to my movers on the day of. It took my movers until 7:30pm to finish moving my things into storage. Although the unload site was much more accessible and convenient than my apartment unit, it took an hour longer to unload my things into the storage unit than it did to load them into the truck.

That being said, the men handled my boxes well and did not damage anything to my knowledge.
by Mark from Santa Rosa Beach on
Great work and service from the entire team! Thank you for your help in the move and making it so easy. I will continue to refer people your way!

Best Regards,

Mark Owens
by Justen from Shaker Heights on
Exceptional moving experience. Can not speak highly enough of the professionalism of the company. We were 100% satisfied and would happily refer to friend or family.
by Tai from Lansing on
I truly appreciated their expertise and their hard work!

by Shelia from Independence on
I honestly can't remember if they told me about boxes or not. I don't think they did.
by Brooke from Atlanta on
I was extremely happy with the service and the availability to move my apartment on short notice. Michelle (the estimator who came to evaluate my apt) was extremely helpful, wonderful to work with, arrived to meet me at my apartment before I did, which is very nice, considering Atlanta traffic. She had a happy, sincere, wonderful attitude that I found very refreshing. The two men that moved my furniture and boxes were early as well on the day of my move, they were both very professional, nice, and moved my items fast, yet carefully. Overall, I would use your company again, because the employees are excellent at their jobs, and I felt comfortable through the process of my move. All three took a huge amount of stress off my move. I would highly recommend them to anyone, and use the service again in my next move.
by james from Dover on
You need to have a better method of estimating the size of the move.
by Tim from Knightdale on
Very first piece of furniture moved was broken and resulted in damaging the wall in 3 spots as it fell down the stairs.
Also, other various pieces of furniture has minor scratches, scuffs, marks, and a few random dings on walls where they were placed in new house. Overall care for furniture seemed sloppy. Movers were very nice, and apologetic. Biggest problem was when we left a few messages the next day for the supervisor Patrick and have not heard anything back as of yet, over 2 weeks later.
by Barbara from Forsyth on
I received a preliminary from staff in your office which was very low...the actual was $200+ more. I will prefer to have a visit/estimate next time.
by Maggie from San Diego on
Thank you for all the heavy lifting and moving all my sister and my things up the stairs!!
by Thomas from Savannah on
I have used your services in the past and once again I was very pleased. During my summers in high school and college I worked as a mover and understand the difficulty of the job. Your employees worked very hard and did as good a job as anyone could expect.
by Kelly from Eldorado Springs on
Russ Rathke and his crew did an excellent job and I would, and have, recommend them and the Two Men And A Truck company to others.
by Phyllis from Savannah on
The two young men were excellent in the way they prepared the furniture before putting it on the truck.
by Kenny from Ozark on
our price was quoted from $650-$850 ended up over $ 1900 crazy how that
ended up still shaking my head about that one.First truck the guys were very professional except when leaving our house to the new house.Took them over 1.5 hours to arrive there.They were grabbing some lunch but they repeatedly got lost after they had the wrong address written down from your office.Then a second truck arrived and I was told to pay just for the labor.I said okay and ended up paying $1,200 over the estimate.I would appreciate some form of monitary rebate.
by Frank from The Woodlands on
The four man crew was very professional and helpful with my move. All of them need a pay raise.

Thank You,
by Sandy from Milwaukee on
there was damage to the hallway from where i was moving from and I reported the damamge the next day after the move. I have had to call the office more than once to get this addressed . I spoke to a miguel and also sent him pictures of the damage and he was suppossed to call me back and never did so I had to call to followup as my landlord needs this corrected. Miguel agreed with the pictures that this needs to be fixed and stated someone would call my ex landlord I moved out 2 weeks ago and this has not been addressed.
by Maria from Rochester on
Excellent and resourceful! Many thanks
by Anastasia from Troy on
Everyone was very professional, incredibly kind and so very careful about all of my possessions that they moved. Thank you for a great experience!!
by Donna from West Grove on
Aaron Jackson, Shanier Thomas, and Kevin Aynesv were absolutely wonderful in assisting me to pack and move my mother's belongings. It was an emotional time for me as my mother had passed and to have professional, flexible and pleasant/compassionate help was amazing . I would recommend TWO MEN AND A TRUCK to anyone....I received THREE men and a truck! My regards, Donna Sargent
by Kevin from Sarasota on
The service I received from Two Men and a Truck was excellent! Specifically Lewis in the Sarasota Florida area, Not only did he move my belongs with haste he was kind enough to have small talk and offer friendly advice for the new area I moved in to!
by Alex from Des Moines on
My only complaint was that the drivers allocated themselves an overly generous amount of time to return to your office. I was billed for 40 minutes of return time, but your office is only about 20 minutes away from my delivery destination. Other than that service was good.
by Kristine from Spring on
The three guys who moved my house were great. They were organized, patient, hard-working, and very very nice. Thank you!
by Joanne from Birmingham on
The movers were great and most pleasant to work with.
by Brian from Columbia on
Sean Madden and Matt Juarez did a great job!
by Jim from Alexandria on
I would recommend two men and a truck again, but I would place some caveats on my recommendation. In my move I decided to get 3 men and truck to make the move go faster, but if I had to do it again I would just get 2 men (especially if they were Alex and Gerald - they worked hard).
by Melanie from St Louis on
The movers were very helpful and went out of their way to make sure we were happy with service.
I would use these company again.

Thank you,

Melanie Thiede
by Regina from Loves Park on
This team did an absolutely FABULOUS JOB on my move! Jimmy, Shane and Taylor arrived on time - and did a great job of loading. They were great communicators during the entire experience - especially on the unloading side of things. I am very pleased and would definitely use your services again should the need arise as well as recommend you to others.

Regina Blakely
by Barb from Maryland Heights on
I have tried over 5 times to reach somebody at the St. Louis Location and he/she never answers the phone always get a recording --that they are busy or away from desk. And cannnot reach tem on the week-ends. I have several problems with my move and I asked for discount on the charges still have not heard back regarding this. Would be nice to hear from regarding this again. I asked for a discount and the staff person could not do that had to come from a supervisor well if that is the case (1) why have the staff people contact customers and (2) make the supvervisor available all the time not just when they want to
by Frank from Stamford on
Next time, please send your men equipped with the proper equipment. They arrived without so much as a handcart and basic tools.
by Greg from on
Was upstairs explaining how to assemble a bed. The crew's Supervisor showed up to check on crew and assisted in moving our antique pump organ. I requested to be present when organ was unloaded. Found damage to organ after crew left. That is reason for poor rating on care of property.
by Henry from Brandon on
by Terry from Charleston on
Movers took too long - was sluggish in packing and un-packing truck. Broke a new wooden filing cabinet and ran into door frames causing dents in the wood and walls
by Teretia from Birmingham on
I get that moving furniture has special significance with both the owners and movers however, this move in no way met my expectations. The movers made it @ 5:15 p.m. and commence to take their time (which is costing me money) moving 1 bedroom of furniture and other miscellaneous items. I called the office and was told that the times the movers reported and GPS coordinates agreed with each other - there was nothing more they could tell me. I expressly explained to Jessica that is disatisfaction was in the time it took (3 hours) to load one bedroom of furniture, while watching the workers on their cell phones and casually moving around their truck as if they had all the time in the world.
by John from St Louis on
Everything went efficiently and quickly
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